EuroBlic: Interview with High Representative Valentin Inzko

Sometimes I feel like the criticism of my reports to the Security Council are written before my report is even published. I would encourage everyone to read my last report, which is available on the OHR web site. What you will find is that I have reported on problems throughout the country, and that I have had positive things to say about the autho [...]

Nin: Interview with HR Valentin Inzko

I am aware that my recent remark was misinterpreted, that it has offended some people, and for that I am sorry, especially since it was never my intention.

Nezavisne novine: Interview with HR Valentin Inzko

Valentin Inzko, the High Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina, remarked that it seems those who are calling for the closure of the OHR are doing everything they can to extend the OHR's mandate. "I will consider it a great personal achievement if my presence and mandate become obsolete, and I am able to go home," Inzko said.

Nezavisne novine: Interview with HR Valentin Inzko

Questioning the constitutional order of BiH and the rule of law, as the RS authorities did by organizing a referendum in contravention with the BiH Constitutional Court decision, is unacceptable and cannot be tolerated.

Politika: Interview with HR Valentin Inzko

Nobody is objecting to the RS right to have an official “Day of the RS” that is in line with the BiH Constitution. Absolutely not. The issue we are talking about is not about the holiday itself but about respecting the constitutional order of BiH.