Klix.ba: Interview with High Representative Christian Schmidt

I clearly said that they must make changes to the Election Law for the elections this year. It is the first priority of the 14 priorities of the European Union. It says that the OSCE proposals must be implemented. Unfortunately, the topic of electoral fraud is still very significant, current and very important. Therefore, the question is not whethe [...]

Večernji list: Interview with HR Christian Schmidt

The high international representative Christian Schmidt, who was a minister in the red-hot Ministry of Agriculture in one of Angela Merkel's Governments and had been a member of the Bundestag for more than two decades, is now in an even more flaming inter-ethnic and political arena in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He is attacked by almost everyone, as th [...]

Dnevni avaz: Interview with High Representative Christian Schmidt

The content of Dodik's letter is devoid of all dignity. It is not worthy of someone who has political responsibility. But what I see, strangely, Mr. Dodik would like to talk to me, because he sends me a letter. I am ready to talk to them, openly and honestly.

Voice of America: Interview with HR Christian Schmidt

The aim was and is to get a functional government by decision of the elected bodies. The constitutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina are full of checks and balances, and sometimes these checks and balances are misused just to block.