The Office of the High Representative (OHR) is an ad hoc international institution responsible for overseeing implementation of civilian aspects of the Peace Agreement ending the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The position of High Representative was created under the General Framework Agreement for Peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina, usually referred to as the Dayton Peace Agreement, that was negotiated in Dayton, Ohio, and signed in Paris on 14 December 1995. The High Representative is working with the people and institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the international community to ensure that Bosnia and Herzegovina evolves into a peaceful and viable democracy on course for integration in Euro-Atlantic institutions.

The OHR is working towards the point where Bosnia and Herzegovina is able to take full responsibility for its own affairs. The Steering Board of the Peace Implementation Council, the international body guiding the peace process, concluded at its July 2011 meeting, that it “look[ed] forward to close cooperation and coordination between the enhanced EU presence, the High Representative in BiH, and other international community actors in line with their respective existing roles.”

In order to support Bosnia and Herzegovina, the European Union has increased its commitment to the country.

Status, Staff and Funding of the OHR

Under Annex 10 of the GFAP, the OHR has the status of a diplomatic mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is made up of diplomats seconded by the governments of the PIC countries, international staff hired directly, and national staff from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Since July 2024, the OHR employs 20 internationals of which 16 are seconded, and 75 national staff.

Since September 2002, all advertised vacancies at the OHR have been open to BiH citizens. Furthermore, where a BiH citizen and a foreign citizen applying for the same post are considered to be of equal merit, qualification and experience, the BiH applicant will be preferred.

The OHR is funded by the Peace Implementation Council and its budget for 2024/2025 is 5,857,618 EUR.

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