Interview: Carlos Westendorp, the High Representative in BiH

by Mirko Klarin The Bonn meeting was a turning point in the attitude of the IC towards the peace process in Bosnia - I do not think that a protectorate is necessary - I believe that anything agreed between all sides is better than anything imposed from the outside, says Carlos Westendorp, optimistically predicting that according to the 'Bosnian Ca [...]

Interview: Hanns H. Schumacher, Senior Deputy HR”I am absolutely against protectorate”

By Sead Numanovic We have to do everything we can in order to avoid any situation that might put us in the role of protectors - We expect instructions from the Bonn conference on how to implement Dayton from now on - It might happen that the International Community declares the design of BiH passport by decree - My job will be to monitor the work o [...]

Interview: Jacques Paul Klein, Principal Deputy High Representative”Tudjman helped us a lot when he disempowered the hard-liners in Mostar”

by Zdravka Soldic Tudjman helped us a lot when he disempowered the hard-liners in Mostar In my recent discussion with President Tudjman, I informed him of the International Community's standpoint on the Croatian proposal regarding special relations between Republic of Croatia and the BiH Federation, and he explained to me the reasons for such an in [...]

Interview: Carlos Westendorp, High Representative in BiH

Q: Vous avez récemment parlé de "phase critique" pour l'application des accords de paix en Bosnie. La nouvelle détermination de l'Otan, notamment la prise de contrôle de la radio-télévision serbe bosniaque, vous paraît-elle suffisante pour relancer le processus ? Sans la présence de la SFOR, il serait impossible d'exécuter le plan de paix, c'est cl [...]

Interview: Gerd Wagner, Senior Deputy High Representative”I have already asked for cancelling of suspensions of BiH ambassadorial offices”

by Sead Numanovic 'I have already sent a letter to country members of the IC in which I demanded cancelling of the suspension of BiH ambassadorial offices. The letter was sent today and I expect that, at the very beginning of the next week, some of the ambassadors have pleasure to enjoy contacts which will be re-establish after, for them, rather qu [...]