Human Rights Report 1-7 June 97

RIGHT TO RETURN Mixed Progress on Federation Returns Local police in Drvar (Fed) informed UN IPTF that the car of a recent returnee from Germany was set on fire on 3 June. The man, who was described by police as a former policeman from the area, was reportedly planning to return permanently to Drvar.

Human Rights Report 25-31 May 97

PROTECTION OF MINORITIES Minorities in Teslic Face Increasing Pressure UN IPTF monitors in Teslic (RS) are following up on a case in which a Croat woman's house was damaged by an explosive device on 23 May, and on a complaint from a Croat man on 16 May that a Serb man threatened to burn down his home.

Human Rights Report 5-16 May 97

PROTECTION OF MINORITIES RS Police Fail to Respond to Crimes Against Minority Residents UN IPTF received a report from a Croat in Teslic (RS) that an electricity box was stolen from his house. The victim reported the crime to the local police, but the police have not responded to his complaint.

Human Rights Report 28 Apr-5 May 97

PROTECTION OF MINORITIES Minority Homeowners in RS Harassed by "Housemates" Human rights monitors visited two Bosniaks in Teslic (RS) who report that they are regularly threatened by Serb displaced persons accommodated in their home according to the RS practice of placing displaced persons in privately owned homes where there is more than 15 square [...]

Human Rights Report 21-27 April 97

PROTECTION OF MINORITIES Eviction, Intimidation of Minorities Reported in RS A Bosniak woman in Prijedor (RS) reported that she and her family were forcibly evicted from their home by a Serb displaced person on 18 April, and a Croat woman in Banja Luka (RS) told UN IPTF that she was beaten until she lost consciousness on 9 April by a group of Serb [...]

Human Rights Report 15-21 April 97

PROTECTION OF MINORITIES Pressure on Bosniaks Reported in RS Towns A Bosniak man in Banja Luka (RS) reported to UN IPTF that he discovered that a family of Serb displaced persons had moved into his flat while he was out shopping on 14 April. When UN IPTF went to report the case to the local police, they were told that they should not attempt to go [...]

Human Rights Report 09-14 April 97

FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT Progress on Movement in Gorazde. UN IPTF reports that in the month of March, 87 people participated in cross-IEBL graveyard visits organized in the Gorazde (Fed) area. There were no incidents during any of the visits. UN IPTF believes that these visits have become fairly routine in the area, with local police in both the RS and [...]

Human Rights Report 1-8 April 97

PROTECTION OF MINORITIES Eviction Threat Countered with Arrest UN IPTF reported that a HVO soldier who had been threatening to evict a Bosniak woman from her west Mostar (Fed) flat was arrested by HVO military police on 2 April. UNHCR and UN IPTF report that the west Mostar authorities appear to be responding more effectively to threats of eviction [...]

Human Rights Report 25 March 97

Protection Of Minorities Harassment in Western Bosnia UN IPTF received a complaint from a Serb man in Drvar (Fed) whose house was damaged after someone threw a grenade in his yard on 20 March. International organisations are following up. A Bosniak man in Prijedor (RS) told UN IPTF that he was attacked by a group of men who hit him with a wooden st [...]

Human Rights Report 23-24 March 97

Protection Of Minorities Police Abuse Reported in Trnovo A Serb man reported to UN IPTF that he was beaten by police at the Trnovo (Fed) station while he was in detention there from 16-18 March. The man said that he was arrested at the home of a Bosniak man with whom he had been discussing the sale of some property.