Human Rights Report 21-22 March 97

Protection Of Minorities More Churches Damaged in Central Bosnia International organisations are investigating an explosion that damaged the belfry and several windows of a Catholic church near Travnik (Fed) in the village of Puticevo in the early morning hours of 21 March, and are also following up on a similar incident at a Catholic church in the [...]

Human Rights Report 19 March 97

PROTECTION OF MINORITIES Minorities Allegedly Harassed by Police A Bosniak man in Jezero (RS) told UN IPTF that he was robbed of 1,950 DM by three men in police uniforms who came to his house on 15 March. UN IPTF also received a report from Kiseljak police that a Croat man was allegedly assaulted by several policemen in Fojnica (Fed) on 13 March.

Human Rights Report 18 March 97

Protection Of Minorities Minorities in RS Allege Harassment, Discrimination UN IPTF is following up on a complaint from an elderly Bosniak woman living in Teslic (RS) who said that she was beaten up in her home on 8 March by an unknown assailant who also allegedly tried to sexually assault her.

Human Rights Report 16-17 March 97

PROTECTION OF MINORITIES Mosque in Central Bosnia Damaged by Explosives UN IPTF reported that on 15 March, an explosive device badly damaged a mosque in the village of Stipanici, 8 km from Tomislavgrad (Fed). The blast completely destroyed the mosque's minaret and caused damage to a nearby house.

Human Rights Report 14-15 March 97

Freedom Of Movement Movement of Minorities Hindered in "Anvil" Area UN IPTF received several complaints from minority motorists that RS police in the northwest of the country stopped and fined them without issuing receipts. A Croat man told UN IPTF he was stopped and fined by police in Mrkonjic Grad (RS), Previle (RS), and Majdan (RS) in the course [...]

Human Rights Report 12-13 March 97

PROTECTION OF MINORITIES Serb Man Reportedly Dies after Beating Incident UN IPTF is following up on a report that a Serb man died in hospital in Sarajevo on 6 March after he was attacked on 1 March by several unidentified men while travelling to a cemetery in the village of Cekrcici (Fed), between Sarajevo and Visoko.