OHR BiH Media Round-up, 1/7/2006

TV Hayat, TV Pink, BHT1, FTV, RTRS, Glas Srpske cover pg report ‘Two years of imprisonment’ by Srna, Dnevni List pg 2, announced on cover ‘Oric set free’ by V. Soldo, Oslobodjenje cover pg splash and pgs 4-5 ‘Two years of imprisonment for Oric’ by A. Omeragic, Dnevni Avaz cover pg splash and pg 3 ‘Naser Oric at large as of yesterday’ by A. Hadzic, [...]

OHR BiH Media Round-up, 30/6/2006

FTV by Zeljko Tica – The Parliamentary Assembly of Council of Europe [PACE] in Strasbourg, passed the Resolution, recommending BiH to draft and adopt new Constitution by 2010. According to the Resolution, entity vote should be abolished, and vital national interest precisely defined, immediately after the October election.

OHR BiH Media Round-up, 29/6/2006

BH Radio 1 by Elvir Bucalo, Brussels- Parliamentary Assembly of Council of Europe [PACE] is to meet today in Strasbourg and discuss a Resolution on BiH, which was already strongly objected by the Serb members the BiH parliamentary delegation to PACE.

OHR BiH Media Round-up, 28/6/2006

RTRS - The Serb members of the BiH delegation at the Council of Europe’s Parliamentary Assembly (PACE) have demanded that Report and draft Resolution of Monitoring Committee is excluded from session agenda or rejected. In a statement to RTRS, Goran Milojevic, team member, says: “Report and Resolution

OHR BiH Media Round-up, 27/6/2006

BH Radio 1, RTRS - Today’s meeting in London between representatives of BiH’s entity and state institutions and European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) resulted in an agreement on all credit contracts, in amount of EURO 12 million, intended for carrying out the project for air traffic control management.

OHR BiH Media Round-up, 26/6/2006

BH Radio 1 - By Ljubo Ljubojevic- Members of (Serb) Veterans Association of Zvornik today (Monday) have blocked the main road between Zvornik and Bijeljina, in Karakaj, protesting because of arresting and transferring of Serbs of Zvornik, who are suspected of committing war crimes, to FBiH courts.

OHR BiH Media Round-up, 25/6/2006

PINK - RS Prime Minister Milorad Dodik stated for the RTRS on Friday that the High Representative, Christian Schwarz Schilling, does his job devotedly, as he enables peoples in BiH to make important decisions on their own without and imposing any regulations or laws.

OHR BiH Media Round-up, 24/6/2006

Hayat by Lejla Gutlic - The Office of the High Representative in BiH will be closed on June 30, 2007, was announced on Friday following two-day meeting of the political directors of the PIC [Peace Implementation Council] Steering Board countries.

OHR BiH Media Round-up, 23/6/2006

BH Radio 1 by Samir Huseinovic - Meeting of Peace Implementation Council’ Political Directors continues in Sarajevo and today participants should discuss the future role of the OHR i.e. transition and abolishment of Bonn Powers and BiH’s EU Integrations. Special attention would be dedicated to the key ongoing reforms which BiH has to carry out in o [...]

OHR BiH Media Round-up, 22/6/2006

RHB, RTRS - The Political Directors of the Peace Implementation Council will meet in Sarajevo on Thursday and Friday 22 and 23 June, OHR media advisory reads. The BiH authorities, led by the BiH Presidency Chair Sulejman Tihic and the Council of Ministers Chair Adnan Terzic, will participate in the meeting.