CLAIM: Prospective defense property is to be handed over to the RS authorities.

FACT: State and defense property remain among the requirements outlined in the "5+2 Agenda." Therefore, the OHR remains engaged in reaching an acceptable and sustainable resolution of these issues. When it comes to the immoveable military property that will serve future defense purposes (the “prospective defense property”), all legal acts needed to [...]

CLAIM: The High Representative’s decisions will affect the outcome of the elections.

FACT: October 2 decisions of the High Representative refer to the functioning of FBiH institutions, streamlining of government formation procedures, alleviating blockades and abuse of safeguarding mechanisms in legislative as well as judicial bodies. They in no way affect the will of the voters and the outcome of the 2022 General Elections.

CLAIM: The High Representative discriminates against Others because his decisions do not refer to the election of BiH Presidency and BiH House of Peoples members

FACT: The right to change provisions of the BiH Constitution, which is part of the Dayton Peace Agreement, belongs solely to the BiH Parliament. Therefore, the October 2 decisions are not part of the greater electoral reform which remains necessary to address BiH's international obligations and alleviate discrimination in the electoral process. The [...]

CLAIM: “…the OHR has not done the most important thing: provided the translation of the Dayton Peace Agreement. For 26 years, there has been no official translation of the Dayton Peace Agreement, the Constitution, etc., to the languages of the peoples of BiH, and that is OHR’s job.”

FACT: The "Agreement for the Establishment of the Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian Language Texts of the Annexes to the General Framework Agreement" signed in Paris on 14 December 1995, stipulated that each party to the GFAP would provide the French Government with the respective language version. The French Government received a draft translation in [...]

CLAIM: “The forests are under jurisdiction of the FBiH and Brčko District… The RS has the right to dispose of its property.”

FACT: The Constitutional Court of BiH ruled that forests and forestland across the whole territory of BiH represent public goods that are part of State Property which is within the exclusive competence of the State of BiH and therefore needs to be regulated by a State level law adopted by the BiH Parliament. The Entities and Brčko District’s manage [...]