Verification of PLIP Substantial Completion: quick reference guide

The PLIP Municipal Guidelines for Substantial Completion of Property Law Implementation from May 2003 set out the most important requirements that each municipality needs to fulfil in order to have Property Law Implementation substantially completed. Although detailed, the need for further clarification of each point of the Guidelines was expressed [...]

Plip Municipal Guidelines For Substantial Completion Of Property Law Implementation

Property Law Implementation is considered substantially completed in any municipality in which:
1. All pending claims made for property under the property laws, including requests for enforcement of CRPC decisions, have been resolved, in the sense that a decision has been issued and all subsequent steps required by law have been taken.

PLIP Completion Guidelines Letter

We are writing to present the international community’s criteria for a joint approach to case-by-case certification of substantial completion of property law implementation by municipalities in BiH. As you are aware, an increasing number of municipalities in BiH have resolved all claims pending before them and we expect all municipalities to have d [...]

PLIP Statistics Guidelines

Given the increasing importance and visibility of the PLIP statistics, the PLIP Agencies have undertaken to set out precisely and comprehensively their expectations of the municipal authorities that provide the information compiled in the statistics. Since the PLIP statistics began to be published in the fall of 2000, the PLIP Agencies have relied [...]