OHR Bulletin 67 – 12 March 1998

No. 67, issued 12 March 1998 Robin Cook's Visit British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook visited BiH on 4 March Presidency 30th session of the BiH Presidency, 26/02/98 Council of Ministers New BiH flag raised at session on 26 February Contact Group Meeting in Moscow on 25 February Exhumations Bosniak [...]

OHR Bulletin 66 – 23 February 1998

No. 66, issued 23 February 1998 Flag For BiH Following failure of Parliamentary Assembly to adopt Law on Flag of BiH, the High Representative announced the choice of a common flag for BiH. Presidency 28th session of the BiH Presidency held on 2 February. Council of Ministers Continued focus on the key requirements for i [...]

OHR Bulletin 65 – 06 February 1998

No. 65, issued 06 February 1998 Introduction - Bonn Summary of conclusions of the PIC Steering Board in Bonn The RS Government Milorad Dodik heads new elected RS Government PIC Steering Board Meeting of the Peace Implementation Council Steering Board on 29 January BiH Institutions Overview of BiH Presidency and [...]

OHR Bulletin 64 – 25 November 1997

No. 64, issued 25 November 1997 RS Nat. Assembly Elections On 22-23 November, the Republika Srpska (RS) National Assembly Elections were held Dayton: Second Anniversary On 21 November the Principals of the major international implementing organisations held a press conference at the Coalition Press Information Centre in Sarajev [...]

OHR Bulletin 63 – 22 October 1997

No. 63, issued 22 October 1997 Table of Contents Republika Srpska - SRT Media Contact Group Brcko OSCE - RS National Assembly Elections Human Rights Standing Committee on Military Matters HR Meets Trade Unions Representatives Right to Return Joint Border Commission Please consult our Bulletin Category List for related information Republika Srpsk [...]

OHR Bulletin 62 – 11 October 1997

No. 62, issued 11 October 1997 Table of Contents Republika Srpska - SRT Media ICTY Brcko Peace Implementation Council Human Rights Council of Ministers North Atlantic Council Right to Return Please consult our Bulletin Category List for related information Republika Srpska - SRT Media Following the seizure of four SRT transmitters on 1 October b [...]

OHR Bulletin 61 – 01 October 1997

No. 61, issued 01 October 1997 Table of Contents NATO Seizes SRT Transmitters Opening of Border Crossings Agreement on Resolution of RS Crisis Contact Group Brcko Human Rights Mostar ICTY Police Restructuring Right to Return Media Issues Council of Ministers BiH Presidency Freedom of Movement Inter-Entity Telephone Links Open Letter from Sandra Wa [...]

OHR Bulletin 60 – 22 September 1997

No. 60, issued 22 September 1997 Table of Contents Address by the High Representative, Carlos Westendorp Explosion In Mostar Elections Contact Group Right To Return NATO Presidency Council Of Ministers Standing Military Commission Media Issues Human Rights Tension In Banja Luka Economic Issues - USAID Please consult our Bulletin Category List for [...]

OHR Bulletin 59 – 5 September 1997

No. 59, issued 5 September 1997 Table of Contents Civil Aviation Agreement Reached Contact Group - Brussels Tension In Brcko North Atlantic Council Media Issues Freedom Of Movement - Brcko Right To Return Human Rights World Bank Economic Issues - Gas Joint Military Commission European Commission Please consult our Bulletin Category List for relat [...]

OHR Bulletin 58 – August 26, 1997

No. 58, issued August 26, 1997 Table of Contents Ongoing Crisis in RS Media Issues Specialist Police Forces Council of Ministers Presidency Brcko Joint Police Forces Right to Return OSCE BiH Federation Central Bank Please consult our Bulletin Category List for related information Ongoing Crisis in RS Following a take over on 17 August of the Ban [...]