Press Conference by the High Representative

Topic: PIC Conference in Brussels CPIC Sarajevo, May 25, 2000 Alexandra Stiglmayer (AS): I apologise for the delay. We have just come back from Brussels and are running late with everything. As you know, the theme of this press conference is a discussion of what was discussed in Brussels, and Ambassador Petritsch is willing to answer your questions [...]

Follow-up to the violent incidents in Banja Luka and Trebinje

Sarajevo, 11 May 2001 Alexandra Stiglmayer, OHR Senior Spokesperson (AS): Hello again, I already saw you all this morning. Sorry for us being late. The High Representative had a very important meeting this afternoon about which he will talk, and it took longer than expected.

Transcript of the Press Conference held in Brussels, 30 November 1999

Wolfgang Petritsch: Good afternoon everybody. We have just finished with the meeting of the Steering Board of the Peace Implementation Council on the level of Political Directors. We discussed a number of issues and I briefed on current economic and political developments, not least in the political sphere my decision to remove from office 22 local [...]

Hotel Ero, Mostar, 14:30 hrs, 30 September 1999

Chris Riley, OHR (South): Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen and thank you for coming at such a short notice. I would like to welcome the Principal Deputy HR, Ambassador Ralph Johnson. He has got a short statement for you and we will be available to take questions afterwards.

Coalition Press Information Center Sarajevo, 19 August 1999

Alexandra Stiglmayer, OHR: Good morning. Most of you are probably familiar with the two ambassadors, but I'd like to introduce them just in case. This is Ambassador Robert Farrand, deputy High Representative and Brcko supervisor, and Ambassador Ralph Johnson, the principal deputy High Representative.

High Representative Wolfgang Petritsch’s Inaugural Press Conference

Thank you Alexandra. Let me introduce my Principal Deputy High Representative, Ambassador Ralph Johnson. We are still missing our German colleague Matei Hoffmann, who is the Senior Deputy High Representative. He is due to arrive in the course of the first half of September.