Amicus Curiae submission in the matter of CH/03/15129, et al. v. FBiH

The question whether the State, the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (hereinafter: Federation), Republika Srpska (hereinafter: RS), and Brcko District of Bosnia and Herzegovina (hereinafter: Brcko District) are jointly or severally responsible for claims arising from so-called “War Damages” appears to turn on an analysis of the legislative bas [...]

Amicus curiae submission in the matter of CH/99/2984, et al. v. BiH and FBiH

Article III (1) d. of the BiH Constitution provides that the institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina shall be responsible for, inter alia, “monetary policy” and obliges the State of BiH, under Article II 1, to “…ensure the highest level of internationally recognized rights and fundamental freedoms”, including “the right to property” as specified by [...]

Comments made by the OHR Legal Department concerning request for evaluation of constitutionality of the HR’s Decision 162/02, Case number U-56/02

In May 2002, three High Judicial and Prosecutorial Councils were established by Law, namely, the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Official Gazette of Bosnia and Herzegovina n° 15/02, 26/02, 35/02, the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina n° 29/02, 47/02, 62/02, the Republika Srpska n° 40/02, 58/02, 77/02, Brcko Dis [...]