IBNA: Interview with HR Valentin Inzko

Twenty years after the end of the war, it is time to move decisively towards the goal people in BiH want: European Union membership and the prosperity and standard of living it has brought to so many other Europeans.

Dnevni avaz: Interview with HR Valentin Inzko

There is absolutely no doubt that the RS National Assembly adopted a decision that goes beyond its competencies despite being clearly warned in advance by the International Community not to do so.

Vijesti.ba: Interview with HR Valentin Inzko

What is important now it to keep a clear head. I want to appeal to every citizen in BiH to have faith in their institutions and show the necessary restraint in their reactions to prevent a rise in tensions.

Dnevni avaz: Interview with PDHR David M. Robinson

I think that there is a consensus in the country about Euro-Atlantic integration, that the EU is a common goal and that the EU now has a key role in reforms, together with local politicians. But Dayton remains the constitutional framework for this country.

Nezavisne novine: Interview with PDHR David M. Robinson

The problems that affect peoples’ lives are obvious. I’m talking about lack of jobs, a judicial system that does not apply the law equally and fairly to all, rampant corruption which serves a powerful minority, unacceptable delays in completing the reforms needed for Euro-Atlantic integration.

Oslobođenje: Interview with HR Valentin Inzko

Last February’s protests should have been a wake-up call for politicians in Bosnia and Herzegovina that something fundamental needs to change, that citizens want their elected representatives to do more than just fight for their own personal and party privileges.