Nezavisne novine: Interview with PDHR David M. Robinson

The problems that affect peoples’ lives are obvious. I’m talking about lack of jobs, a judicial system that does not apply the law equally and fairly to all, rampant corruption which serves a powerful minority, unacceptable delays in completing the reforms needed for Euro-Atlantic integration.

Oslobođenje: Interview with HR Valentin Inzko

Last February’s protests should have been a wake-up call for politicians in Bosnia and Herzegovina that something fundamental needs to change, that citizens want their elected representatives to do more than just fight for their own personal and party privileges.

START: Interview with HR Valentin Inzko

Whoever forms the incoming governments must start delivering on what they promised to their voters during the election campaign to address their real life problems .

Nezavisne novine: Interview with HR Valentin Inzko

I believe that every election is important, but I sense that these Elections are especially crucial because we need these Elections to be a turning point after which we will see a new kind of politics where the interests of the citizens and the country as a whole are put first .

Dnevni avaz: Interview with PDHR David M. Robinson

My priorities are those of the OHR. This means, first and foremost, ensuring full compliance with the Dayton Agreement, but also working on important elements of that Agreement, such as the rule of law and the functionality of the structures and institutions that enable this country and its citizens to get back to work and to build a better future [...]

Dnevni avaz: Interview with HR Valentin Inzko

When I spoke recently of this crossroads for BiH I meant that despite the current difficulties, there is also a choice to be made for the future of the country, a great opportunity .

Oslobođenje: Intervju sa prvim zamjenikom visokog predstavnika Tamirom Waserom

Što se tiče trenutačne situacije nakon poplava u BiH, u Upravnom odboru PIC-a je postojala potpuna solidamost i u svezi s tim veleposlanici su i ranije dali izjavu. Tijekom naših razgovora na samoj sjednici imali smo i brifing o trenutačnoj situaciji i u svezi sa dugotrajnim oporavkom koji Bosnu i Hercegovinu tek čeka nakon ovoga svega.

Dnevni list: Intervju sa prvim zamjenikom visokog predstavnika Tamirom Waserom

Mostar bi trebao imati izbore ove godine. Prošlo je više od godinu i pol kako su trebali biti održani izbori i više od pet godina kako su građani Mostara imali priliku izabrati one koji će ih predstavljati. To je pitanje o kojem se govori već nekoliko godina i trebali bi konačno ove godine u listopadu građani Mostara izaći na izbore. Nažalost, dana [...]