Croat Returns to Bugojno Agreed

Senior Deputy High Representative Ambassador Wagner met with Acting Mayor of Bugojno, Dzevad Mlaco, on 24 August for a common announcement about welcoming the return of refugees and displaced persons to Bugojno.

OHR Press Release

The High Representative deplores the ruling of the Republika Srpska Constitutional
Court in what is clearly a decision taken under political pressure.

OHR Press Statement

The decision of Mrs Plavsic appears to be in line with the Constitution. We hope that the other organs of government in the RS also behave within the provisions of the constitution.

Appointment of new Principal Deputy High Representative

STATEMENT by the High Representative, Carlos Westendorp Appointment of new Principal Deputy High Representative The Hague, 02 July 1997 In welcoming the appointment of General Jacques Klein as the new Principal Deputy High Representative in the Hague today the High Representative Carlos Westendorp made the following statement: "When I asked the Uni [...]

Human Rights Working Group Press Release

The Human Rights Working Group, comprised of OHR, OSCE, UNHCR, UNCA, IPTF, SFOR, UN HIGH COMMISSION FOR HUMAN RIGHTS, based in Banja Luka expresses deep concern over the failure of Republika Srpska police authorities to enforce the law by re-instating 38 families to their legally owned homes.

Press Statement on Succession Issues

A plenary meeting to give further consideration to succession issues was held at the Office of the High Representative in Brussels on 2,3 and 4 June 1997.

Press Release

At the end of the meeting between the HDZ and SDA City Boards ofMostar on May 29, the HDZ Chief' Mile Puljic asked those present not to give any detailed public statements but only to inform the press that the negotiations will continue on Monday. On his request, this was agreed between all participants.

Press Release

I flatly condemn the stoning of two buses yesterday in Brcko as a series of criminal acts intended to terrorize Bosniak visitors to this city. These were not random acts of vandalism. They were planned and organized. I have asked that a full investigation of these related incidents be completed without delay.

Joint Press Statement On Brcko Bus Incident

Yesterday two buses carrying a delegation of Serbs, Croats and Bosniacs from the SD P led by Mr Zlatko Lagumdzija traveled to Brcko to visit the office of the Deputy High Representative for Brcko Ambassador Bill Farrand. The group was also accompanied by a delegation from Sweden.