Gender Equality

Discrimination in Bosnia and Herzegovina takes place not just on the familiar grounds of ethnicity and political opinion, but also on the basis of gender. The economic and political changes until 1991, coupled with the recent war have had a significant negative impact on the status of women in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Overall, women's political repr [...]

Economic and Social Rights

As Bosnia and Herzegovina is in the midst of a reconciliation process, its population faces numerous obstacles in promoting the reintegration of society. Discrimination is widespread, particularly against the following groups: members of the minority ethnic groups, particularly, returnees; individuals who belong to the majority groups and who have [...]

Human Rights Coordination Center (HRCC)

The Human Rights Coordination Centre (HRCC) is an inter-agency centre based within OHR, which has been established to assist in information exchange and coordination (downloadable as pdf file) amongst various agencies in Bosnia and Herzegovina which are working on human rights issues. As each of the large international agencies, including OHR, OSCE [...]

Human Rights Priorities for 2001

Human Rights Steering Board Recommendations to the Human Rights Task Force 5 February 2001 This document forms part of the yearly review process of the activities and actions of the international community in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This document identifies the five main human rights priorities set by the international community (OHR, OSCE, UNMiBH, [...]

HRCC Human Rights Quarterly Report, May 15 – August 31 2000

The HRCC Human Rights Quarterly Report is based on the regular and special reporting of inter-governmental and non-governmental organisations. The aim of the Report is to provide a concise overview of human rights issues, cases and trends affecting the overall human rights situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina during the reporting period.

Accession Requirement

Accession Requirement Status   Un- Satisfied Partially Satisfied Satisfied Legislation imposed by OHR #3 Human Rights Institutions           Commitment to adequate funding of the Human Rights Chamber, Ombudsperson and Commission for Displaced Persons and Refugees BiH X       Full compliance with decisions of the Human Right [...]