10/13/2003 Bulldozer Initiative

Emergency Reform Units Meet to Plan Implementation of Bulldozer Phase II Reforms

Members of the Emergency Reform Units (ERUs) of the Federation and the RS met today in Sarajevo to discuss their implementation strategy for the reforms which are now being finalised under Phase II of the Bulldozer Initiative. The 50 reforms have already been drawn up by the Bulldozer Committees and are now being scrutinised by technical experts. They will be presented to the governments at an official hand-over ceremony later this month – when the clock will start ticking for the government to review and enact the reforms.

The ERUs are made up of motivated, highly qualified professional civil servants from key ministries in the State and Entity governments and the Brcko District administration. ERU members are directly appointed and supported by the Prime Ministers. The role of the ERUs is to ensure rapid implementation of the proposed reforms through direct contact with the relevant ministers.

The ERUs will also be responsible for monitoring the implementation of the 50 reforms enacted under Bulldozer Phase I. A report on the impact of Phase I will be published by the Bulldozer Committees later this month.

Phase II has been conducted in a more decentralized manner than Phase I. Six regional bulldozers and one countrywide Agricultural bulldozer have collected and analyzed reform proposals from businesspeople throughout the country.