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Double occupancy

  • They offered me reconstruction assistance but I refused it…
  • We were offered alternative accommodation but and we refused it ….
  • I can go back to the house I lived in 1991 with my family but I do not want to.
  • We sold our house – we’ve lived here in this apartment for 6 years now, and that’s that.
  • I do not want to pay a rent if I can live for free. Why waste what I earn …?


DOSTA JE! The Law is clear – if you refused assistance or if you have means to solve your housing situation you have no right to temporary accommodation – Move out before you are moved out.

Regarding people who are occupying somebody else’s apartment/house

I am living at somebody else’s place, I have got a decision that I have to leave this apartment but I am not going to move out from this apartment. Why should I ?, who will make me ?

DOSTA JE! If you have received a decision telling you that you should leave in 15 days that means that you are a multiple occupant or an illegal user of that apartment. Move out before the deadline or you will be evicted and can be fined.

Alternative accommodation

  • I have got 90 days to vacate this apartment and I’m entitled to alternative accommodation, but the responsible authorities say that they have no means to provide that….
  • And they said to me that there’s no alternative accommodation, and that they can’t (do anything)…

DOSTA JE! Provision of alternative accommodation is the responsibility of the municipal authorities and the minister for refugees and DPs. If they do not identify and provide it, they are failing to fulfill their obligations under the law, and you will still be obliged to leave someone’s property. The irresponsibility of the local authorities doesn’t delay your eviction. So, ask for your rights!

Selling of occupancy rights

I heard that people are buying occupancy rights through so-called renting contracts. We wanted to stay here and maybe that’s the way….(for us to solve our housing situation)…

DOSTA JE! The selling of occupancy rights is illegal. You should sell just things that are your property. If you are selling your occupancy rights your are committing a crime and you risk losing them. If you are buying an occupancy right you are buying air.

Illegal revalidation

Look, no one claimed my flat, so I should get to stay, right? I mean, I know it belonged to some-one else before, but if they don’t want it back, why can’t I stay in it and even buy it?

DOSTA JE ! If you live in a socially owned flat that has not been claimed, or to which any claims have been finally rejected, revalidation of your contract on use is illegal unless you fit very specific criteria . Seek legal advice as if you buy the apartment you are occupying after an illegal revalidation of your contract on use, the purchase contract will be voided and you will lose your money.