Statement by the High Representative

STATEMENT by the High Representative, Carl Bildt Sarajevo, 22 February 1996 I have been informed that both the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Assembly of the Republika Srpska have appealed to the Serbs in the suburbs to be transferred to the Federation to stay.

Meeting of the Joint Civilian Commission in Sarajevo

The Joint Civilian Commission Sarajevo (JCCS) met today and resumed its work on the implementation of the peace agreement with the participation of representatives of the local Serb authorities in Sarajevo, the city of Sarajevo, and the Federation. The JCCS welcomed the results of the Rome conference.

Joint Statement by the High Representative and Commander IFOR

Joint Statement 4 February 1996 At D+45, the Commander IFOR and the High Representative have consulted and agreed on steps to preserve secure conditions in those areas of Sarajevo being transferred to the Federation. Acting in conformity with the terms of the Dayton Agreement and the power it confers on them, respectively, they have determined that [...]