Nearly $100 Million Will Be Lost if BiH Does Not Accelerate Reforms

The members of the Board of Principals and the Council of Europe said that nearly $100 million in international assistance would be lost unless BiH accelerated key economic and social reforms in coming weeks. To put that in context, this assistance is the equivalent of over $100 for every family in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Mostar Statute Provides Foundation for Normality

The citizens of Mostar have waited too long for an end to partition and parallel institutions. Leading international organizations represented in BiH – OSCE, OHR, EUPM, World Bank, European Commission, UNHCR, UN and IMF - fully support the newly enacted Statute of the City of Mostar, considering it a good basis for reuniting the city in a manner t [...]

Board of Principals’ Statement

The Board of Principals strongly condemns the remarks made yesterday by a senior official of the political party led by the President of Yugoslavia.
We consider this to be the worst form of cheap and irresponsible electioneering, and manifestly contrary to the policy of the Yugoslav Government and the international agreements Yugoslavia ha [...]