09/12/2002 BoP

Board of Principals’ Statement

The Board of Principals strongly condemns the remarks made yesterday by a senior official of the political party led by the President of Yugoslavia. 

We consider this to be the worst form of cheap and irresponsible electioneering, and manifestly contrary to the policy of the Yugoslav Government and the international agreements Yugoslavia has entered in to. 

We further consider the remarks made by President Kostunica in Sarajevo at the meeting of the three presidents to be his authoritative position on thematter.  In that statement he solemnly committed himself and his country to the territorial integrity of Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

There are those who seek to make nationalism and the past, rather than the reforms necessary for a better future, the issue at the forthcoming elections in this country and in Serbia.  To seek votes through fear rather than hope.

This is a cruel manipulation of the real interests of the people of the region. We recommend that all politicians focus instead on the reforms that will deliver justice, jobs and a better life for their electorates.