11/17/2017 OHR

OHR’s denial of article published in today’s edition of Dnevni avaz

The Office of the High Representative would like to correct a statement wrongly attributed to the OHR in today’s edition of Dnevni avaz. Namely, when reprinting a news item originally published by TV1, Dnevni avaz misattributed an added paragraph to the OHR, even though the paragraph in question was never part of our statement.

Asked by TV1 to comment on the recent debate over the role of signatories to the Dayton Peace Agreement, the OHR responded with the following statement:

“By signing the General Framework Agreement for Peace, Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, to which Serbia is a successor state, undertook certain obligations. Among others, it committed to fully respect the sovereign equality and refrain from any actions against the political independence of BiH, and pledged to respect and promote the fulfilment of the commitment made in Annex 4, the Constitution of BiH.

The Agreement was signed by the then Republic of BiH, the then Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and the Republic of Croatia. It was witnessed by the EU, the French Republic, the Federal Republic of Germany, the Russian Federation, by the United Kingdom and by the US.“

Anything else beyond the above quoted text, including any editorial interventions, titles, or commentaries, has nothing to do with the OHR’s official position or our statement on the matter.