13 December 1998 CONTENTS Summary Context Policy Considerations Operational Plans (Draft) Resources Needs Delivery Mechanism Timelines Maps Annex 1 RRTF Media/ Information Strategy (Other annexes will be produced during Phase 1) 1.

Human Rights Priorities for 1999 – January 1999

Human rights coordination centre A cooperative effort within the Office of the High Representative Human Rights Steering Board Recommendations to the Human Rights Task Force Introduction Progress made in the field of human rights during 1998 has contributed to the further development of a variety of mechanisms for human rights protection in Bosnia [...]

HRCC Human Rights Monthly Report January 1999

IPTF places Stolac police officers on 3 months probation RS police officers torture murder Suspects 'Zvornik 3' exchanged for Bosnian Serb prisoners IPTF Monitors attacked in Foca following attempted SFOR detention of Bosnian Serb RS Instruction on Property Laws published

Human Rights Report December 1998

SUMMARY IPTF inspection team deployed to examine performance of Stolac police in preventing and responding to returnee-related violence Violent incidents in Eastern RS following SFOR detention of indicted war crimes suspect, including attack on ECMM monitors Progress on returns to Polje and Rastani RS police officers disqualified for involvement i [...]

Sarajevo Declaration Quarterly Implementation Review

Sarajevo, 12 December 1998 Compiled by the Reconstruction and Return Task Force Executive Summary Implementation of the Sarajevo Declaration has been marked by continual problems. It is vital that the limited momentum which built up during the Summer should be reinstated, and in particular that no changes be made which might reduce the efficiency [...]

Supervisory Order Suspending Councilor from the Ravne-Brcko Municipal Council

Brcko Arbitration Order Suspending Councilor from the Ravne-Brcko Municipal Council 3 December 1998 In accordance with the authority vested in me under the Arbitral Award of February 14, 1997, and the Supplemental Award of March 15, 1998 (specifically, Paragraph 24); bearing in mind Federation Minister of Justice Mate Tadicas letter of October 5, 1 [...]

Human Rights Report November1998

SUMMARY Continued incidents targeting Bosniak minority returns in Herzegovina-Neretva Canton; attacks targeting Bosniak minority returns in Teslic municipality Obstruction of Bosniak returns to Rastani UNMIBH Judicial System Assessment Programme established to monitor and assess BiH court system Implementation of property and housing laws in Feder [...]