10/29/2021 OHR

High Representative meets Mothers of Srebrenica

High Representative Christian Schmidt met today in Sarajevo with representatives of associations – Movement “Mothers of Srebrenica and Žepa Enclaves,” Munira Subasić and Kada Hotić, “Women of Srebrenica,” Nura Begović, “Mothers of Srebrenica,” Fadila Efendić, and “Women of Podrinje,” Kadefa Rizvanović – to hear their views on the reconciliation process and to learn firsthand about the tragic consequences of the Srebrenica genocide.

“The persistent denial of war crimes, particularly of the Srebrenica genocide, as well as the glorification of perpetrators of some of the worst crimes committed in Europe after World War II remains a dark stain on the reconciliation process in Bosnia and Herzegovina. For there to be a meaningful reconciliation and trust-building in BiH, the citizens need to see justice served and the individual perpetrators prosecuted with all committed crimes recognized and due respect given to the victims and survivors. This would also serve as a warning against any future occurrence of atrocities and thus be a safeguard for all citizens of BiH. After this, the society can freely look forward to the prosperous future for all who live in Bosnia and Herzegovina,” said the High Representative Christian Schmidt.

Earlier during the day, the High Representative visited the Srebrenica-Potočari Memorial Center where he paid his respect to the victims of Srebrenica genocide.