Speech by Deputy HR, Patrice Dreiski, to the Regional Investment Forum 2002

There are sound reasons to invest in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the medium-term impact of a well-implemented investment cycle can be profound. Prosperity in this country is not a mirage; it is not a distant dream; it is achievable within five to ten years. When I use the word prosperity, I mean exactly that - not sustainability, not subsistence, b [...]

Presentation by PDHR Don Hays on behalf of the High Representative at a roundtable meeting of principals, parents and pupils from three model schools in the Sarajevo area

The High Representative, during his almost three years in Bosnia and Herzegovina has repeatedly stressed the preeminence of education for the country's recovery. A well managed school and university system that uses effective modern teaching methods to educate a new generation is not a luxury, it's a necessity as BiH competes with its neighbours to [...]