03/08/2018 OHR

PDHR attends 18th Anniversary Celebrations in Brcko

Brcko Supervisor and Principal Deputy High Representative Dennis Hearne and the Presiding Arbitrator of the Brcko Arbitral Tribunal, Ambassador Clint Williamson, visited Brcko on the occasion of the District’s 18th anniversary.

Supervisor Hearne and Ambassador Williamson met with Brcko Mayor Sinisa Milic, Speaker of the Brcko Assembly Esed Kadric, and Chief of Police Goran Pisic. They discussed the current situation and immediate priorities for Brcko District.

Supervisor Hearne expressed his gratitude to Brcko officials for their demonstration of political courage and readiness to tackle some of the pressing problems in the District. He also underlined his sincere and unequivocal commitment to safeguarding the stability and sustainability of the District.

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