29.02.1996 OHR Sarajevo

Return to Bugojno

Vice-President Ganic and Bugojno Mayor, Mr. Mlaco have asked for a meeting with Deputy HR Ambassador Steiner on February 29, 1996, in order to talk about the implementation of the Dayton Accord from November 11, 1995, in reference to the return of 600 refugees to four cities within the Federation. As far as the return to Bugojno is concerned, the participants of the meeting have agreed that the return of 200 Croatian families to Bugojno must be implemented as it is provided by Dayton, and that these families must be enabled to live in their own homes. Mayor Mlaco has agreed that the Croatian Community of Bugojno must immediately provide information on the first 100 families ready to return within the project, and that the UNHCR must strictly monitor the process. The participants have further agreed that the implementation of this pilot project must only be the first step in the return of all people to their homes.

The participants have also talked about the issue of financial aid for Bugojno. They share the opinion that the overall process of the return of refugees and displaced persons must be assisted by donors of the international community.