Brcko Implementation, Order on Identity Cards for Returnees to Brcko

Brcko Arbitral Tribunal for Dispute Over the Inter-Entity Boundary in Brcko Area Order on Identity Cards for Returnees to Brcko Statement by Robert W. Farrand 12 August 1997 On August 12, 1997, in my capacity as the Supervisor for Brcko, I herein issue the following Order in accordance with my authority under the Arbitral Award on the Interim Inter [...]

Human Rights Report 10-16 August 97

PROTECTION OF MINORITIES Bosniak Homeowner Regains Access to Property OSCE reported that on 4 August, a Bosniak man successfully gained entry to his home in Banja Luka (RS) in the presence of OSCE, UN IPTF, court officials, and local police who monitored as he changed the locks on the doors.

Human Rights Report 3-9 August 97

THREATS TO LIBERTY AND SECURITY Missing Men Found in Zenica Prison On 4 August, two Serb men who had been registered by the ICRC as missing since September 1995 were freed from the Zenica military prison where they had been held for 1˝ years in clear violation of the prisoner release provision of Annex 1-A of the Peace Agreement.

Human Rights Report 27 July – 2 August 97

FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT Harassment of Cross-IEBL Motorists Reported A Bosniak motorist told UN IPTF that he was stopped by police in Sipovo (RS) on 26 July who told him that he could not use the road "because he is a Muslim." The policemen made him pay 200 DM in order to pass.

Human Rights Report 21-26 July 97

FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT FOM Violations Illegal Checkpoints Reported in RS On 23 July, UN IPTF discovered an illegal checkpoint on the road from Sarajevo to Pale (RS). When UN IPTF asked the RS police to dismantle the checkpoint, the officers refused, citing orders from their superiors.

Human Rights Report 14-20 July 97

PROTECTION OF MINORITIES Posavina Officials Discuss Housing Solutions On 10 July, Posavina Canton authorities, OHR, UNHCR, OSCE, and UN IPTF met to discuss housing problems in the Canton following reports of moves by the authorities to evict Bosniak displaced persons currently living in Orasje (Fed).

RRTF: Report July 1997

Annex 7 UNHCR's "Open Cities" Initiative July 1997 The UNHCR "Open Cities" initiative aims at encouraging cities or municipalities, where reconciliation between ethnic communities is possible, to declare publicly their willingness to allow minority groups to return to their former homes and participate as full members of the community.

Human Rights Report 7-13 July 97

PROTECTION OF MINORITIES Minorities Harassed in RS Towns UN IPTF reported that a Bosniak man was badly beaten by two policemen at his home in Banja Luka (RS) on 20 June. Monitors found him in his flat and arranged for an ambulance to take him to the hospital where he was treated for a broken jaw and a head laceration.

Human Rights Report 30 June – 06 July 97

PROTECTION OF MINORITIES Missing Man Found Dead Near FRY Border The body of Bosniak man who had been reported as missing on 20 June after he boarded a bus from Sarajevo to the FRY was found by local police in a river in Rudo (RS) on 27 June. The HRCC and UN IPTF are closely monitoring investigations into this case. Violations Reported in Federation [...]

Human Rights Report 23-29 June 97

FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT Crime and Police Hinder Movement in RS On 22 June, two men told UN IPTF that they were stopped in Loncari (RS) while driving on the "Arizona Road" (the main inter-entity transit route between the Posavina corridor and Tuzla) by two RS policemen who issued them a ticket for 200 DM.

Human Rights Report 16-22 June 97

FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT UN IPTF Removes Illegal Checkpoints On 17 June, UN IPTF dismantled an illegal police checkpoint in Gornji Rahic Brcko (Fed). UN IPTF observed local police stopping vehicles with registration plates from other areas even though no traffic violations had occurred, indicating a freedom of movement violation.

Human Rights Report 8-15 June 97

PROTECTION OF MINORITIES Cemetery Desecrated in Capljina In following up on an incident of vandalism at an Orthodox cemetery in Capljina (Fed) that occurred two weeks ago, UN IPTF monitors observed further desecration of graves at the site on 6 and 8 June.