General information about the campaign

With the aim of creating greater transparency and enabling returnees to secure easier access to information on procedures and fees for re-conection of electricity to households, information leaflets entitled “How to (Re-)Connect Electricity” have been produced.

These information leaflets cover the areas of the three electrodistribution companies operating in Bosnia and Herzegovina JP Elektorprivreda BiH leaflet, JMDP Elektroprivreda Republike Srpske leaflet andJP Elektrodistribucija HZHB leaflet. The electrodistribution companies contributed to the production of the leaflet by drafting texts, and clarifying (and sometimes even changing) standing procedures which may be the first step towards harmonisation of re-connection procedures across BiH.

35,500 copies of these leaflets will be distributed, through legal-aid centers, refugee and returnee associations and offices of all three electrodistribution companies.