Interview: Gerd Wagner, Senior Deputy High Representative

Oslobodjenje, August 7, 1997 by Amra Kebo He is married, has three children, a daughter born in Belgrade 1973, and two sons (one 17 and the other 20). About his present job he says: 'I feel that we are needed here. The OHR is accepted well and I have the feeling that we can do a useful job here.

Interview: Carl Bildt, High Representative in BiH

For the past 17 months, former Swedish prime minister Carl Bildt has served as point man in Bosnia for the Dayton peace accords, the U.S.- brokered agreement designed to end ethnic warfare among Serbs, Croats and Muslims in the former Yugoslavia. His daunting task has been the implementation of the Dayton's hopeful objective - the restoration of no [...]