International Community Ready to Support Reforms Proactively

Bosnia and Herzegovina has taken some positive steps towards Euro-Atlantic integration, but “the pace of real reform remains somewhat slow,” High Representative Valentin Inzko told the Security Council in New York today after presenting his biannual report on the implementation of the peace agreement.

High Representative visits Washington and New York

The High Representative, Valentin Inzko, is visiting Washington and New York, where he will present his 53rd regular report on peace implementation in Bosnia and Herzegovina to the UN Security Council.

PDHR Dennis W. Hearne Meets delegation of Dutch Foreign Ministry

Principal Deputy High Representative Dennis W. Hearne met today with a delegation of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Janna van der Velde, Head of Division of Europe Department and Jacco Bos, Coordinator for the South-East Europe of Europe Department

High Representative visits Denmark

High Representative Valentin Inzko met today in Copenhagen with the State Secretary for Foreign Policy in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, Jonas Bering Liisberg.