High Representative Meets Commissioner Hahn

High Representative Valentin Inzko met today in Sarajevo with EU Commissioner Johannes Hahn and thanked him for his achievements and contribution regarding today’s acceptance of the Questioner from Bosnia and Herzegovina authorities.

High Representative Visits Zenica

High Representative Valentin Inzko visited ArcelorMittal today upon the invitation of the company for a presentation on the company’s current activities and future investment plans

PDHR Hearne visits Mostar

The Principal Deputy High Representative, Dennis Hearne, paid a visit to Mostar on Wednesday, 07 February 2018.

HR Inzko: Discrimination is Unacceptable

Since 2009, every 22nd of December is a sad day for Bosnia and Herzegovina and its citizens. This date marks another year in which a significant segment of the BiH population remains deprived of a fundamental right – the right to be a candidate for election and be adequately represented in the BiH Presidency and the BiH House of Peoples.