21.03.2024 OHR


The Tender information is given in the following order:

 I) Subject of the Tender

II) Background

III) Technical specification

IV) Bids Submission Conditions

V) Bids Submission and Deadline

VI) Selection and Award

I – Subject of the Tender

  1. Tender Title: Supply of one (1) new D segment Sedan passenger vehicle
  2. Tender Procedure: Local Open (BiH)
  3. Type of Contract: Supply
  4. Tender Closing Date: 22 April 2024 by 17:00 hours.
  5. Communication:
    The tender is available for unrestricted and full direct access at https://www.ohr.int/ohr-tenders/  Any questions or requirements for clarification, should be sent exclusively to the e-mail address  tender@ohr.int, not to any other e-mail address or OHR officials.

II – Background

The Office of the High Representative (OHR) in Sarajevo invites companies to submit their best proposal for supply of one (1) new D segment Sedan passenger vehicle to OHR Sarajevo. The vehicle will be used by OHR as transport fleet vehicle for the high-rank officials and will be registered on OHR diplomatic plates.

III – Technical Specification

Technical Specification describes the minimum technical requirements for the requested vehicle.

No. Minimum Technical Specification  
1 Model E segment, executive, Sedan/Limousine
2 Engine type Disel/Petrol supercharged
  Engine displacement [cm³] maximum 2000
  Minimum output 110 KW
3 Drive and gearbox Automatic or manual; 6 gear minimum
4 Automatic air conditioning  3-zone control
5 Thermo-insulating glass windscreen
6 Wheels & Tyres maximum R17
  Wheel Type Forged Aluminium Alloy Wheels
  Tyre Type Tubeless, Radial
7 MultiMedia system Smartphone, Bluetooth, Radio, Navigation
  USB connection for back seats
8 Emissions and efficiency Emission standard Euro 6d
9 Internal dimension/space
10 Design parameters
  Number of doors 4
  Number of seats 5
11 Exterior
  Colour Black, Blue or Gray Metallic
  Overall length [mm] 4700
  Overall width without/including mirrors [mm] 1820
  Overall height [mm] 1420
  Wheelbase [mm] 2820
12 Interior – Floor Rubber Mats Front and Back
13 Safety and security requirements
  Headlights LED technology with high-resolution
  Standard Safety Features Traction Control, Brake Assist, Electronic Stability, ABS
  Air bags Front, Side
  Tour assist Cruise Control, Lane Departure, Radar
  Parking Sensors Rear
  Parking Camera Rear Parking Camera
  Security Anti‐theft system/Alarm
  Eur NCAP 5 Stars

IV – Bids Submission Conditions

The Bid must be in English or local language B/S/C.

Bids shall contain the following:


  1. Administrative information
    The cover page should include the name and address of the company, contact phone number, e-mail, the name of a contact person.
  2. Copy of VAT registration number.
  3. References:
    – The tenderer should provide a list of major contracts for the last three years (2020-2023) as proof of at least three years’ experience in selling similar items (i.e. motor vehicles).
    – At least one contract must be similar to this one in scope and size delivered in the last year.


Only technical bids which meet all the technical requirements listed will be considered compliant and will be evaluated. Technical bid should include the following:

  1. Detailed description of offered vehicle with reference to the Minimum Technical Specification[1];
  2. Date of production (m/y); vehicle should be 2024 model.
  3. Printed or electronic or web page catalogue or prospect with photos of exterior and interior of offered vehicle with dimensions.
  4. Delivery time. Maximum delivery time is 60 calendar days.
  5. Delivery place: Sarajevo, BiH
  6. Warranty time and condition. Minimum factory warranty of five (5) years. The tenderer may offer a longer warrantee period, but without any extra cost.
  7. List of at least three authorized service places in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


The financial bid must be duly signed and dated and shall include:

  1. Price in convertible marks (KM), excluding customs duties and VAT.
    The price shall include all costs related to the supply of the vehicle, including delivery costs, warranty costs, office costs and any other cost relating to the performance of the contract.
    The OHR is exempt from payment of import duties. OHR will provide the necessary documents on exemptions (customs and VAT).
  2. Payment terms
    OHR standard payment terms are 30 days by bank transfer upon delivery and receipt of invoice. Tenderer may propose other payment terms. Please note that should you request an advance payment you will need to provide an irrevocable advance bank guarantee.
  3. Validity of bid
    The bid must be valid for acceptance for 30 days, and the price fixed for the duration of the contract.

V – Bids Submission and Deadline:

1. Bids, Technical and Financial offers, shall be placed and delivered in sealed envelope with tenderer’s information and clearly marked


2. Bids should be delivered to the following address:

Head of Logistics
Emerika Bluma 1
71000 Sarajevo
Bosnia and Herzegovina

3. Bids should be delivered NO LATER than 22 April 2024 by 17:00 hours.

V – Selection and Award

  1. Tenders are opened and evaluated by duly designated OHR Evaluation Committee.
  2. Technical Evaluation
    The Evaluation Committee will rule on professional and technical admissibility of each tender, classifying it as technically compliant or technically non-compliant.
  3. Financial evaluation
    The award criterion during the financial evaluation is the lowest price.
  4. Final Award
    The Contract will be awarded to the tenderer submitting the least expensive, technically compliant tender.
  5. OHR reserves the right to end the Tender without awarding the contract.

 OHR will not bear any costs of bidders related to the preparation of their proposals.

– END –

[1] See Section III – Technical Specification