Contact Group Statement, The Hague, 2 July 1997

1997 Contact Group Statement on the Republika Srpska The Hague, 2 July 1997 The Contact Group, at its 2 July meeting in The Hague, expressed its sharp concern over the current political crisis in the Republika Srpska. Recent developments have a direct bearing on implementation of the Peace Agreement and on the prospects for the growth of democracy [...]

Contact Group Statement, The Hague, 2 July 1997

1997 Contact Group Statement The Hague, 2 July 1997 The Contact Group meeting on 2 July welcomed Carlos Westendorp's appointment as High Representative and promised him its full support. The Contact Group recalled the provision in the Sintra Declaration that the holding of the Donors Conference depended on agreement between Bosnia and Herzegovina a [...]

Contact Group Statement, Brussels, 15 May 1997

15 May 1997 Contact Group Statement Brussels, 15 May 1997 The Contact Group met in Brussels on May 15, 1997 to prepare the PIC Steering Board ministerial meeting in Sintra on 30 May, 1997. The High Representative, Carl Bildt presented proposals for the agenda to be discussed at Sintra. The Contact Group reaffirmed its commitment to the full impleme [...]

Contact Group Statement – London, 10/10/96

The Contact Group, which remains in close contact with the international agencies, notes that the reconstruction of Bosnia remains a key priority and that considerable resources are available for all parts of Bosnia

Contact Group Meeting In Frankfurt – Bonn, 07/09/96

1996 The International Bosnia Contact Group met on 7 September in Frankfurt, under the Chairmanship of the Political Director of the German Foreign Ministry, Wolfgang Ischinger. Carl Bildt, High Representative and Ambassador Frowick, head of the OSCE Mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina, also attended. The Contact Group stressed the importance of the [...]

Annex I to Sarajevo Agreed Measures – Geneva, 15/5/96

15/5/96 Annex I to Sarajevo Agreed Measures Geneva, 15 August 1996 General Provisions In the organizational structures of all ministries and other institutions of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina all positions will be filled in an ethnically-balanced manner in accordance with the Constitution of the Federation by August 31, 1996.

Findings of Co-Chairmen – Sarajevo, 14-15/8/96

14-15/8/96 Findings of Co-Chairmen of the Special Group Sarajevo, 15 August 1996 Under the authority provided by the Geneva Agreed Measures of August 14, 1996, and the Agreed Measures signed in Sarajevo August 15, 1996, the Co-chairmen of the Special Group are issuing the following findings. The Special Group met in Sarajevo on August 16, 1996 to f [...]

Agreed measures – Geneva, 15/8/96

15/8/96 Agreed measures Geneva, 15 August 1996 Considering that the success of the Dayton peace process depends upon having a strong Federation in place as the cornerstone of a unified Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Federation Forum agreed on July 31, 1996 that in the short time remaining before the national elections urgent action is required to comp [...]

By Tudjman and Izetbegovic – Geneva, 14/8/96

14/8/96 Joint Declaration By the President of the Republic of Croatia Dr. Franjo Tudjman and the President of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina Alija Izetbegovic Geneva, 14 August 1996 On the basis of the attached Agreed Measures, approved today in Geneva, the President of the Republic of Croatia Dr.

Agreed measures – Geneva, 14/8/96

14/8/96 Agreed measures Geneva, 14 August 1996 At the invitation of Secretary of State Christopher, the signatories of the General Framework Agreement for Peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnian President Izetbegovic, Croatian President Tudjman, and Serbian President Milosevic, met in Geneva on August 14, 1996 to continue joint efforts in support [...]