Steps Required in the Implementation of all Human Rights Chamber Decisions

Steps Required in the Implementation of all Human Rights Chamber Decisions

To 1 November, 1999 – In cases in which the deadline for compliance has passed

November 1999

Death Penalty Cases
Complete (law changed, sentences reduced) (Federation – 3 cases)
Arrest and Detention Cases
Complete (detainees released, compensation paid) (Federation – 3 cases)
Discrimination Cases:
Islamic Community (RS)
  1. Allow the applicant to erect enclosures around the mosque sites + protection
  2. Grant permits to build 7 of the destroyed mosques

Zahirovic (Federation) Partial compliance as he has been reinstated by the Livno Bus Company
  1. Pay compensation (Federation)

Mahmutovic (RS) – deadline not yet expired
  1. Do not remove remains of Mrs. Bedrija Mahmutovic from the present burial place
  2. Pay compensation

Disappearance Case
  1. The whereabouts or fate of Father Matanovic must be determined (RS)

Civilian Apartments
Kevesevic v. FBH
Partial compliance (reinstatement, but need compensation)
  1. Compensation must be paid (Federation) – Deadline not yet expired

3 RS cases (non-enforcement of judicial decisions) Partial compliance (reinstatement – RS)
  1. Compensation must be paid (RS)

6 RS cases (tenancy contracts between owner and applicant which were declared illegal) Partial compliance as the Minister has confirmed that the occupants in these cases would not be evicted
  1. Revoke the decisions declaring the applicants illegal occupants (7 cases – RS)
  2. Change the law to remove interference with these contracts (RS)

Gradiska 19 cases (RS) – Deadline not yet expired
  1. Reinstatement into property
  2. Compensation must be paid

Onic (Federation)
  1. Enable the applicant to return to her apartment (Federation)

Erakovic & Matic (Federation)
  1. Process the applicant’s repossession claim in substance with a view to its being granted (Federation)
  2. Enforce the application once granted (Federation)

D.M. (Federation – Livno)
  1. Must be reinstated (Federation) – Note court order now given for eviction
  2. Compensation must be paid (Federation)

Military apartments
Partially completed (law changed), but
  1. Compensation must be paid (Federation – some 30 cases)
  2. Panic must be reinstated (Federation)
  3. All applicants must be registered as the owners (119 cases, Federation)

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