07.10.2002 EU HR

Statement by Javier SOLANA, EU High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP), on the result of the elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina

HR Solana made the following statement concerning the elections held last Saturday in Bosnia and Herzegovina:

“First, I would like to congratulate the Election Commission of Bosnia and Herzegovina for successfully organizing the first elections since the war to be run entirely by domestic institutions rather than the international community.

While it is difficult to draw firm conclusions until the final results are known, what we have seen in these elections appears to represent a vote of frustration, but certainly not a vote to return to the nationalism of 10 years ago.  I see these elections as the expression of disappointment at the lack of change, not a vote for the past.  They resulted in a vote of protest, showing that the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina want more, not less progress.

The European Union is committed to Bosnia and Herzegovina for the long-term.  We are prepared to work with any government that is genuinely committed to the quality and intensity of reform process that Bosnia and Herzegovina needs to move closer to the EU.  What we need to see now is an effective government, quickly formed, so that they can get on with the people’s priorities: justice and jobs.

The people of Bosnia and Herzegovina will judge the next government by their deeds – not their words.  And so will the European Union.”