Short History of OHR Tuzla Region

OHR Tuzla Office

The Tuzla office was opened in 1996 and functioned as a sub-Office to OHR Brcko until September 1st , 2002 , when it became a Regional Office.

As a result of the International Community’s streamlining policy, OHR Tuzla is sharing facilities with the Regional Office of the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE).

OHR Tuzla Regional Office oversees the Doboj and Srebrenica Field Offices, as well as the Admin staff based in Brcko. Its efforts aim at supporting the Dayton Peace Agreement’s implementation and focuses on strategies and activities as defined in the OHR Mission Implementation Plan (MIP).

The area covered by the Tuzla Region is consisting of 48 municipalities. Specifically the area of Tuzla, Zenica-Doboj and Posavina Cantons in the Federation of Bosnia Herzegovina (FBiH), while in the Republika Srpska (RS) a large portion of Eastern RS and part of Western RS (i.e. from Doboj on the West, up to Samac and Brod on the North, Bijeljina on the East, Srebrenica down South) fall under OHR Tuzla Region Area of Responsibility (AoR). To be noted that Zepce municipality and its integration process is under international supervision by the OHR.

The main activities and objectives of OHR Tuzla Region:

  • To ensure implementation of DPA according to the MIP
  • Specifically, to monitor and enhance proper functioning of governments, both at cantonal and municipal level
  • To entrench the rule of law
  • To promote and facilitate economic revitalization
  • And to co-ordinate the International Community regarding civilian aspects

There are currently 20 employees currently based in Tuzla Regional Office, three international and 16 national staff members.

Contact details:

OHR Tuzla
Solanska 3
Tuzla 75 000
Tel: +387 (0)35 286-205/6/7/8
Fax: +387 (0)35 310-021

The last Head of the OHR Regional Office was Mr. Orlando Fusco . The High Representative has additionally appointed Mr. Fusco on August 12th , 2004 as the OHR Supervisor for Zepce.

The previous Heads in chronological order:

  • September 2003 – June 2004 – Mrs. Barbara Leaf
  • September 2001 – August 2003 – Mr. James Bigus
  • September 2000 – August 2001 – Mrs. Eva Groening
  • September 1999 – August 2000 – Mrs. Sandra Stevens
  • September 1998 – August 1999 – Mrs. Tom Hutson
  • September 1997 –August 1998 – Mr. Paul Hacker
  • September 1996 – August 1997 – Mr. Jim Scholart

OHR Field Office Srebrenica

The Srebrenica Field Office of the OHR is located in the municipality of Bratunac approximately 12 kilometres North of Srebrenica Town. It is co-located with a Field Office of the OSCE. Operational work is in accordance with Annex X of the General Framework Agreement for Peace (GFAP or Dayton Peace Agreement) and the programmes of the 2004 OHR Mission Implementation Plan (MIP) applicable at the field level.

Co-ordination of the activities of the civilian organisations and agencies in Bosnia and Herzegovina (see GFAP Annex X Article II para c) is of vital importance and OHR Srebrenica works in close co-operation with 2 Field Offices of the OSCE (Srebrenica and Bijeljina) and EUFOR, in order to ensure the efficient implementation of the civilian aspects of the GFAP.

Interaction with the local authorities at all levels is based on ensuring they take complete responsibility within their competencies and accept accountability as part of that responsibility.

The Office deals with all OHR business in the Municipalities of Bijeljina, Bratunac, Lopare, Milici, Osmaci, Sekovici, Srebrenica, Ugljevik, Vlasenica and Zvornik.

Currently OHR Srebrenica is staffed by one International, the Head of Field Office, and 4 National employees.

Contact Details

OHR Field Office Srebrenica
Svetog Save bb
Tel: +387 (0)56 882 094
Fax: +387 (0)56 882 098

OHR Field Office Doboj

OHR Field Office Doboj covers 28 municipalities in the central and north part of BiH. Zenica-Doboj and Posavina Cantons are entirely covered from this office, Gradacac, Gracanica and Doboj Istok in Tuzla Canton, as well as the Doboj region in Republika Srpska.

The OHR Field Office Doboj works on a wide range of issues, such as monitoring political and economic developments, respect of the rule of law, and co-ordination of the International Community.

Currently OHR Doboj is staffed by 4 National staff members. The Office is co-located with a Field Office of the OSCE.

Contact details

OHR Field Office Doboj
Kolubarska bb
Doboj 74000
Tel: + 387 (0)53 242 387/388
+387 (0)53 222 306/286
Fax: + 387 (0)53 242 389