Second Addendum To The Order On Judiciary In The RS Municipality Of Brcko

As the Supervisor for Brcko, in accordance with my authority under the Award on the Interim International Supervision in the Brcko area of February 14, 1997, and my Order on Judiciary in the Republika Srpska Municipality of Brcko of October 10, 1997, and the Addendum to that Order dated December 5, 1997, I hereby issue the following Order:

After consultation with and consent of the President of the Republika Srpska and consultation with the Prime Minister of the Republika Srpska, by their letters dated December 31 and December 26, 1997, respectively, and based upon a staffing plan developed in coordination with the President and the Vice President of the Basic Court, I hereby appoint the following individuals to the judicial positions, as set forth below, in the Municipality of Brcko, Republika Srpska:

I.Basic Court

  1. Mr. Slobodan Zobenica, President of the Basic Court;
  2. Ms. Ilinka Gavric, Judge of the Basic Court;
  3. Mr. Zijad Kadric, Judge of the Basic Court;
  4. Ms. Spomenka Kondic, Judge of the Basic Court;
  5. Ms. Mirjana Mrdjen, Judge of the Basic Court;
  6. Mr. Zekerijah Mujkanovic, Judge of the Basic Court;
  7. Mr. Srdjan Nedic, Judge of the Basic Court;
  8. Ms. Mara Peric, Judge of the Basic Court;
  9. Mr. Stevan Sofic, Judge of the Basic Court;
  10. Mr. Milorad Zivlak, Judge of the Basic Court.
The Third and Fourth Bosniac judges for the Basic Court will be appointed in the near future.

II.Magistrates’ Court

  1. Ms. Adela Bozic, Judge of the Magistrates’ Court
The appointed judicial officers are hereby mandated to take up their appointments and carry out their offices from the date of this Order. The appointed officers shall participate in an official ceremony at the Republika Srpska National Assembly, the date of which shall be announced after consultation with the President of the Republika Srpska.

This Order shall take immediate effect.

Robert W. Farrand
Deputy High Representative
Supervisor of Brcko
December 31, 1997