12.09.2002 EU

Remarks by Javier SOLANA, EU High Representative for CFSP, on the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Javier Solana, the EU High Representative for EU Common Foreign and Security Policy made the following comments after speculations in Balkan press about the future integrity of Bosnia and Herzegovina

“The future for Bosnia and Herzegovina lies in a unified and stable state, within its internationally recognised borders, moving towards closer European integration. This will be a state based on democracy, rule of law, and prosperity; a state which will able to bring justice and job opportunities to all its citizens equally.

The European Union will assist Bosnia and Herzegovina in making this vision a reality. There is simply no other way forward. The neighbouring countries will undoubtedly support our efforts. This vision of Bosnia and Herzegovina is also in their long-term interest and respect for international obligations is a precondition for their progress towards closer ties with the EU.

The future of Bosnia and Herzegovina will, however, not be decided in Brussels, Belgrade or Zagreb. That is the responsibility of the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina. And I call upon all of them to seize the opportunity on 5 October to make the European vision a real possibility. To vote and to vote for reform.”