25.05.2002 OHR / UNMIBH / OSCE / UNHCR / CRPC

PLIP Letter

Mr. Ramiz Mehmedagic
Minister for Urban Planning
Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Mr. Mico Micic
Minister for Displaced Persons and Refugees
Republika Srpska
Mr. Krešimir Zubak
Minister for Human Rights and Refugees
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Mr. Mijat Tuka
Deputy Minister for Social Policy, Refugees and Displaced Persons
Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Mr. Sinisa Kisic
Brcko District

Dear Sirs,

The Housing Verification and Monitoring Unit of the OHR/RRTF was established in 1999 to assist local authorities in the implementation of the property legislation.  By verifying beneficiaries that have previously received international assistance for reconstruction, the HVM unit of the OHR/RRTF identifies cases of double or multiple occupancy, which are subsequently forwarded to the competent authorities to process in accordance with the law. Through thorough field checks, the HVM unit provides detailed lists of such double/multiple occupants via the PLIP Focal Point system on the 15th of every month.

The PLIP organizations have provided instructions (enclosed) on how the competent authorities should process HVM information, which take into account the recent amendments to the property law. These instructions provide for most common scenarios, with the aim of ensuring that housing offices do not carry out unnecessary inspections or hearings, instead issuing ex officio decisions to resolve these cases, as appropriate. Failure by the responsible authorities to act appropriately following the receipt of this information shall be considered as obstruction of the property laws, and dealt with accordingly.

Please note that a Memorandum of Understanding confirming how information received from HVM is to be treated, will shortly be signed with the appropriate State and Entity authorities. 

Kindly ensure that the responsible authorities are fully informed. Your attention to this matter is greatly appreciated.

Yours sincerely,


Peter Bas-Backer
Deputy High Representative
for Reconstruction and Return