14.03.2007 OHR Sarajevo

OHR’s Statement the International Agencies’ Joint Press Conference

Srebrenica Meeting & Conclusions

Many of you may have questions relating to the IC/OHR view of the meeting that took place in Srebrenica yesterday and the conclusions that there adopted by the participants.

What I can tell you at this time is that the OHR has received the conclusions and that the HR will be discussing them with senior representatives of the international community before taking a final position.

So no reaction at this point but you can expect a statement soon.


Individuals Barred from Holding Public Positions In Political Parties.

Reports have appeared in the media today, which suggest that Dragan Kalinic, Mirko Sarovic, Milan Ninkovic and Bozidar Vucurevic may seek to take up office in the SDS once again.

While the OHR is not in the business of commenting such reports it may be useful to remind everyone of the facts: all these individuals were barred from holding office in political parties by the High Representative and that these decisions are still in force.

BiH and all it’s citizens are bound by domestic and International Law, the DPA, and not least by the recent conclusion of the ICJ to cooperate fully with the ICTY.

The SDS as a party — like every other — is obliged to uphold this obligation and should be putting pressure on the networks that support individuals indicted for war crimes that remain at large and those individuals that are on EU and US black lists.


Police Reform Meeting tomorrow

Many of you have asked for confirmation of a meeting on police reform tomorrow.

As you know the PIC has called for talks to continue and for all parties to adhere to the commitments made in the October 2005 Political Agreement. Bilateral discussions have been ongoing in an effort to generate a means to move forward, and if there is agreement amongst party leaders who make up the government to meet tomorrow then that is positive. It is clear that time is running out for BiH leaders to find agreement on police reform by mid-March.  

Political parties must reach an agreement before State and Entities Governments endorse the report of the BiH Police Reform Directorate together with an Agreement on Implementation and Timelines. The Directorate’s report leaves room for compromise. Adjustments to the Report are possible, but only in line with the three EU principles.