OHR RTRS News Summary, 26 November 2000

RT RS News Headlines:

  • SDS delegation returns from four-day visit to Russia; Sarovic says their prediction of SDS election victory came true; Cavic says future authorities in RS will fight crime and corruption; Kalinic expresses satisfaction with visit to Russia’s Duma, Patriarch Alexei II and Russian Foreign Ministry
  • Final, certified election results to be announced on 27 November
  • All RS parliamentary parties say they are ready for talks with other parties on formation of post-election coalitions
  • RTRS commentary by Nenad Kecmanovic on establishment of democracy in our country [referring to RS]
  • Talks on succession of former Yugoslavia property to be held in Brussels this December; BiH Treasury Minister Tusevljak believes succession talks on former Yugoslav assets and property will be correct if all sides leave talks as satisfied as they are dissatisfied
  • Judicial and medical processing of 42 bodies of Serbs exhumed this autumn in Lav cemetery in Sarajevo completed in Serb Sarajevo
  • Croat component of BiH Federation Commission for Missing Persons starts exhumations in Ravno Rostovo village in search of 11 Croats gone missing during BiH war
  • Milosevic re-elected SPS president at party convention in Belgrade on Saturday; SPS Main Board selected but no former top officials re-elected to party’s main board
  • Criminal charges should be raised against Milosevic – Yugoslav Interior Minister Zoran Zivkovic
  • Profiteers remain in top posts of Milosevic’s SPS-party – former SPS and current Serbian SDP President Zoran Lilic
  • Milosevic’s speech and threats at SPS election convention on Saturday were funny – DOS leader Dragoljub Micunovic
  • Milosevic will experience even greater defeat at early Serbian parliamentary elections – Mladjan Dinkic, head of G17PLUS and DOS official
  • Simply unbelievable that Milosevic is still in politics – ICTY spokesperson Florence Hartman
  • Europe will not condition assistance to Yugoslavia on extradition of Slobodan Milosevic to ICTY – EC Chairman Romano Prodi
  • US condemns re-election of Milosevic as SPS president – SRNA
  • Milosevic held defiant speech at party’s election convention on Saturday that has no connection with reality – London’s Sunday Telegraph
  • No clashes in Southern Serbia reported; however, tensions heightened due to Serbian Government deadline giving ‘Albanian terrorists’ by 19:00 on 27 November to withdraw from demilitarised zone on border
  • Over 1,000 Albanians leave south-eastern Serbia and go to Kosovo – UNHCR
  • Yugoslav police, army and President Kostunica in permanent contact regarding Kosovo situation – Yugoslav Interior Minister Zoran Zivkovic
  • World news
  • Mufti of Banja Luka haj effendi Camdzic congratulates Islamic faithful on start of holy holiday month of Mubarek Ramadan
  • RS healthcare workers to return to their general strike on 27 November – RS Healthcare Syndicate President Milenko Granulic
  • Belgrade media report on kidnapping of son of folk singer Lepa Brena and Slobodan Zivojinovic; no sources cited
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