OHR BiH Media Round-up, 23/7/2006


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Fire in Livno under control

World News

Fire in Livno under control

Ivanic on police reform

Ivanic on visa regime liberalisation

21 isolated fires in Mostar

Youth campaign in BIH

50 million tons of oil in northern BiH

Bomb planted under car in Pale

Regional news

Still no strategic partner for Refinery

World News


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Youth campaigns in BIH

Fire in Livno under control

Car explosion in Pale

Problems of Sarajevo students

21 isolated fires in Mostar

Dodik on privatisation of EP

Feature on unemployment

Heat wave to hit BIH

Dumancic seeks successor

World news

Bomb planted under car in Pale

Ivanic condemns Tihic’s statement



Witnesses do not point at Covic [Covic, others trial]

Dnevni Avaz

[Jurcevic] I have no intention to play up to politics

Dnevni List

Model aims at Minister position

Vecernji List

Israel ready to invade

Nezavisne Novine

‘Vrbas Summer’ closing ceremony [entertainment]


Judicial issues, security and war crimes

Justice Minister Kovac supports BiH Prosecution in not publicising Srebrenica Task Force list; OHR: publication of list would make work more complicated






BHT 1 by Damir Simic – BHT 1 comments the exchange of letters between BIH Presidency Chair Sulejman Tihic and BIH Prosecution has continued. The BiH Prosecution has been conducting 10 separate investigations on war crimes in Srebrenica and has consequently refused to oblige to Tihic’s request and publishes the names of suspected war criminals. BIH Minister of Justice Slobodan Kovac supports BIH Prosecution’s decision adding that “this is a specific investigation. The Prosecution should be left alone to complete it. It is a difficult process and Prosecution needs to be helped”. On the other side Tihic claims that by protecting their identity, Chief BiH Prosecutor Marinko Jurcevic is directly responsible for the fact that at least 892 persons who committed genocide and war crimes are still working in institutions on all levels of authority. ‘Association of Mothers of Srebrenica and Zepa Enclaves’ have expressed support to Tihic in his request. In order to solve this issue, Tihic called on OHR to give the opinion on the matter. OHR Spokesperson Oleg Milisic stated that “there is nothing in the criminal law saying that Prosecution has to publish the names. That act would only make the investigation more difficult”. Reporter stated that no one on the BIH Prosecution and BIH High Judicial and Prosecution Council was available for the comment. Oslobodjenje pg 2 ‘Women of Srebrenica want Jurcevic’s dismissal’, mentioned on cover – carry Women of Srebrenica. Dnevni list pg 4 ‘Tihic: Jurcevic protects perpetrators of genocide’ – carry Tihic [report from July 22]. 

State Prosecutor Jurcevic: I am not ready to play up to politics; there is no price I am not ready to pay to protect Prosecution


Dnevni Avaz cover splash, pg 2 ‘I have no intentions to play up to politics’ by H. Orahovac – Following the statement by the BiH Presidency Chair Sulejman Tihic which accused him of protecting perpetrators of genocide in Srebrenica, the BiH Chief Prosecutor, Marinko Jurcevic, told DA that “everything in BiH Prosecution is submitted to solving cases of war crimes committed in Srebrenica.” He further explained why he rejects releasing a list of persons involved in Srebrenica massacre which was prepared last year by Srebrenica Task Force: “That is just a list of people who were in that region at the time when genocide was committed against Bosniaks. Publicising these names would be pure manipulation, for simple reason that there is no ground for suspicion that someone committed the crime. Anybody with one year of law studies completed should know this.” Jurcevic, who notes he establishes a specialized team for Srebrenica, notes that Prosecution must work on this, and he “responsibly claims a work on this is being done. Much more than public knows.” Jurcevic says BiH Prosecution currently expects new prosecutors to take up the places of outgoing foreign prosecutors. He concludes by underlying he is not ready to play up to politics: “There is no price I am not read to pay to save the BiH Prosecution’s dignity and achieved degree of judicial independence in this country.”  

Vehicle of Pale Public Health Center Director blown up; DA speculates about politician reasons


RTRS  by Branka Kusmuk, RTRS – Around 3 a.m. on Saturday, a bomb planted under the vehicle owned by the director of the Public Health Service in Pale, Mira Kaurin-Trifkovic, has exploded. Spokesperson of Public Security Centre East Sarajevo Danka Tesic confirmed that the investigation is ongoing. The explosion caused a damage of two other vehicles, however no person sustained injuries. Kaurin-Trifkovic said she was surprised by the incident believing that it was a mistake and that no one wanted to intentionally hurt her. Dnevni Avaz pg 23 ‘Official vehicle of Public Health Service blown up’, mentioned on cover, by E. Halac – DA speculates on motives of the incident stating that tow kinds of rumours were spread around Pale: one is that Kaurin-Trifkovic has refused to hand over her position to someone else, and second is that she is planning to move to SNSD after being SDS member for years. BHT 1 carried RTRS report. Nezavisne novine pg 3 ‘Vehicle blown up by bomb’ – reported on incident.

East Sarajevo Prosecution submits ‘Abazovic case’ vs. EUFOR to Italian Prosecution


BHT 1 by Zoran Sarenac – The district Prosecution in East Sarajevo has completed investigation regarding the EUFOR arrest action of Dragomir Abazovic and it sent the evidence to Italian Prosecution. During the attempt to arrest Dragomir, EUFOR soldiers killed his wife Rada and wounded their son Dragoljub while claiming that Dragomir tried to commit suicide and shot himself in the head. Reporter stated this situation was labeled as incident by EUFOR. The entire process will be transferred to Italian Prosecution as it is supposed by the signed agreement between BIH and EUFOR. BIH Minister of Foreign Affairs Mladen Ivanic confirmed that Italian Prosecution is starting the procedure. “The evidence has been collected and sent to the Italian Prosecution. I believe in their independence and that they will pass a justified verdict” added Ivanic. On the other side Abazovics’ attorney Dusko Tomic stated “the 8-month-investigation showed what I had known after few days. I hope that they will be found guilty”. Dnevni Avaz pg 9 ‘Report on Abazovic case submitted to Italian Prosecution’ by L.S. – EUFOR confirmed to DA that the Italian Prosecution would continue the investigation on this case. The reason for transfer of case is that according to the agreement BiH has signed with NATO, international troops cannot be a subject of criminal proceeding in BiH. EUFOR spokesperson, Karen Halsey, did not want to go into details of the case noting it is up to Italian Prosecution now to do their job.   

Osl.: No witness pointed finger at Covic during the trial 


Oslobodjenje cover splash, pg 7 ‘Witnesses do not point at Covic’ by A. Smajovic – Daily carries an analysis of the events throughout the trial of Dragan Covic and others before the BiH Court. Wondering whether “another indictment is to be ruled out before BiH Court’, author notes that after hearing all the witnesses, judges of the Council of the BiH Court would not have an easy task in passing on the verdict. Author comments says the none of the witnesses for prosecution pointed at directly at Covic or any other suspects directly accusing them.

Osl. op-ed: Covic trial is probably to end like in case of Jelavic; collapse of BiH judiciary 


Oslobodjenje pg 9 ‘Collapse of BiH judiciary’ op-ed by Senad Mesetovic – Author notes that the judiciary in BiH has came to the stage of complete collapse following the annulment of the indictment in case of Ante Jelavic and Miroslav Prce. Author concludes this is probably going to be the case in trial of Dragan Covic. “Unfortunately, these catastrophic mistakes in the processes give a picture of terrible situation in the country, as nothing can function properly if judiciary doesn’t function properly,” reads the editorial further stating: “It is to be expected that the case ‘Covic and others’ would end in the same way [alike Jelavic’s] as it is becoming obvious that indictment has been raised on shaky grounds.” Commenting the IC insisting that the salaries in judiciary must be at high level to avoid corruption, author concludes: “The idea was good, because judges and prosecution must be independent in their work and decision and that can be achieved only with high salaries. However, big salaries cannot influence one’s lack of knowledge and professional conduct.”

Serbian media speculate Serbia would sign SAA once its presents Action plan to arrest PIFWCs at large


BHT 1 by Vesna Simic, Belgrade – After Serbian Authorities adopted the Action Plan on arresting war crime indictee, Serbian media started speculating that Serbia will be allowed to sign the Stabilisation and Association Agreement when it presents its actions to be taken for the realisation of the Action Plan. The situation is compared to Croatia one, while ICTY Spokesperson Anton Nikiforov said that the Croatian model cannot be applied in Serbian case. “The Authorities have to do more than just locate Mladic” added Nikiforov. USA Government has requested from Serbian Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica to call on Mladic to surrender, to instruct Serbian Service to search for him, to call on Church to stop protecting him, to publish the course of investigation and to arrest all Mladic’s “harbourers”. Goran Petronijevic, attorney of Sasa Badnjar who was arrested because of helping Mladic, said that prosecution has no elements for arresting his client “since Mladic hasn’t been convicted”. Petronijevic also said that “it s not fair to accuse his client who was just a private in the Army while his superiors are those who issued the orders”.


Police reform

No Serb representative willing to take of PRD SB Chair position







RTRS by Tijana Velic – Head of the Police Restructuring Directorate Steering Board Vinko Dumancic stated that none of the three Serb experts is willing to replace him in this position. Dumancic’s mandate ends on Wednesday and he already announced that he is not going to extend it. According to the rotation principle, the position of Steering Board chair should now be taken over by a Serb. According to Dumancic, another member of the Steering Board is going to be appointed to this position. Dumancic expressed his regrets over the fact that none of the Serb experts seems to be willing to preside the Board. He explained that RS Police Director Uros Pena attends the sessions only as observer, SIPA Director Sredoje Novic has earlier said he is not ready to take over “for private reasons”, and now Brcko District Police chief Milenko Milicevic, also rejected the position. EU Commissioner for Foreign Affairs Javier Solana stated on Saturday that the police reform in BiH needs to be implemented urgently in accordance with the existing political agreement and that there can be no further political discussions about this issue. BHT1, Hayat, Nezavisne novine pg 3 ‘I will not remain Chair of Steering Board’, Vecernji list pg 2 ‘Dumancic leaves position’, Dnevni list pg 3 ‘I will not remain SB Chair’ – also carried Dumancic confirming no Serb representative is willing to take over position of the PRD SB Chair.

PDP’s Ivanic: new negotiations on police reform needed; probably OHR told EU to threat/warn RS politicians


RHB, RTRS, Dnevni Avaz pg 5 ‘New negotiations needed’, Oslobodjenje pg 4 ‘Typical threat to RS coming from Sarajevo and OHR’, Nezavisne novine pg 3 ‘Police reform depends on agreement between politicians’, Dnevni list pg 2 ‘New negotiations on police reform’ – PDP Chair Mladen Ivanic stated that BiH new negotiations on police reform regarding the manner of implementing three principles set by the EU. Ivanic feels the experts cannot agree on police reform within the set framework. Commenting warning of the EU High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy, Javier Solana, who urged the RS Government to proceed with the agreed plan on police reform, Ivanic stated that this “was typical example of someone from Sarajevo, possibly OHR, told [Brussels] there is a need to warn and threat politicians in the RS.”

SIPA Deputy Head: Last message from Brussels should ‘wake us up’ regarding police reform

Dnevni Avaz pg 5 ‘Last messages from Brussels should finally wake us up’, mentioned on cover, by Edina Sarac – In a statement to DA, the Deputy Head of SIPA, Sead Lisak, says that “for SIPA to continue carrying out its lawful obligations, police reforms is necessary to create grounds for efficient and cost-effective police. After all, the reform is in interest of BiH and its citizens,… and region.” He goes on to say that “latest messages from Brussels and OHR on necessity of police reform, a condition to sign the Stabilisation and Association Agreement, should finally wake us up.”  Lisak notes he is not interested in politics at all adding he is “determined for reform to succeed regardless of all obstacles.”  


Political issues

In 75 municipalities of BiH, youth organizes ‘street elections’ of their priorities







BHT 1 by Arnela Subasic – Youth Initiative for the October Elections 2006, composed of young people from 15 NGOs, has organized youth elections in 75 municipalities across BiH on Saturday. The aim of these so called ‘street elections’ with motto ‘Vote and Chose’ is to define issue considered the most important for young people in BIH and present them to politicians in following month. Nernina Cocalic, Head of the Youth Initiative, stated that after the results are presented to politicians their job would not end: “We will make sure they include our priorities in the platform and implement them after the elections”. Youth Initiative also urged young people to vote in October noting the youth turnover was less than 25% at last elections. Youth were voting to select 4 top priorities. Action was supported by OSCE. Young people can also vote for the priorities on the web site www.glasaj.ba. RHB, Hayat, FTV, PINK, Oslobodjenje pg 3 ‘Youth voting for normal state’, mentioned on cover, by A. Ducic, Nezavisne novine pg 2 ‘Youth elections held in 75 municipalities around BiH’, mentioned on cover, by S. Lemo, Vecernji list pg 2 ‘Youth voting for their future’, Dnevni list pg 6 ‘Education and jobs youth’s biggest problems’ – also reported.

Mufti Ceric: Ruling Bosniak politicians either have no ideals or those ideals are their private, great right among them


Dnevni Avaz pg 3 ‘Reis Ceric: Great rift between Bosniaks politicians’, mentioned on cover, by A. Kamber – Addressing approx. 5000 Bosniaks gathered in Glamoc for the ceremony of opening reconstructed mosque, leader of the Islamic Community in BiH, mufti Mustafa effendi Ceric, called on the Islamic leaders and Catholic Church to reconcile their differences and cooperate, noting that the “current relationship [between them]… in Herzegovina is not natural.” Talking about the situation in BiH, Ceric stressed there is a great rift among Bosniaks politicians: “Reason for this is that Bosniak politicians taking up decision making positions either have no ideals or those ideals do not reach any further than their own interests… I urge them not to sell our honour for their small interests.” Ceric also [repeatedly] called on IC not to ignore Middle East escalation of conflict, noting that sufferings in Lebanon, Israel and Palestine must cease. Oslobodjenje pg 6 ‘Reis calling on reconciliation between Cahtolics and Muslims’ – also reported.

NN int with SDU’s Sejfudin Tokic: BOSS’ Ajanovic is front runner for Bosniak member of BiH Presidency, Haris Silajdzic may give up in Ajanovic’s benefit


Nezavisne novine pgs 8-9 ‘It is possible for Silajdzic to give up on candidacy in benefit of Ajanovic’, mentioned on cover, by Natasa Krsman – In two-page long interview to NN, the head of SDU, Sejfudin Tokic, says that the front runner for the position of the Bosniak member of BiH Presidency is BOSS leader, Mirnes Ajanovic. Asked to present his arguments for this claim, Tokic notes that if one “talks to ordinary people, workers, syndicates, unemployed, demobilised troops, one would see… Ajanovic is their front runner.” He even expressed belief that SBiH”s Haris Silajdzic would give up on his candidacy in the last stage of campaign in benefit of Ajanovic. He also argues the name of Republika Srpska is ‘unsustainable’, and that “destabilisation of the BiH coming from Serbia” because of Kosovo status is not stopping. Firm in belief that Kosovo would be independent, Tokic is critical of Serbian leadership for “mentioning BiH every time” they go to Brussels. He also criticises RS PM Milorad Dodik and its Government for often use of rethoric being against the state and overspending. Finally, he suggests Nezavisne novine are influenced by Dodik and his current Government, noting one has to keep in mind that one of the NN founders is current RS Govt Vice President, Anton Kasipovic

DL int with HDZ 1990 Ljubic: I am not politicians, but political leader

Dnevni list pgs 26-27 ‘Happy family is safe anchor’, mentioned on cover, by Nevenka Kelava – DL carries two-page long interview with leader of the HDZ 1990, Bozo Ljubic, in which he discusses only matter of personal nature [i.e. his childhood, family life, etc.] Among other things, he notes that many on going reforms were launched by him at the time he performed the duty of the FBiH Health Minister. “I do not see myself as politicians in its usual sense of word… I am too critical of myself… If I have to define myself politically, I would say I am political leader, i.e. person with ambitions to change things for better,” says Ljubic.  


Economy and public spending

RS PM Dodik says Government would not sell RS Elektroprivreda






RTRS by Aleksandra Sekulovic – Delegation of RS Government headed by Prime Minister Milorad Dodik visited East Herzegovina on Saturday. During his visit to Trebinje, Dodik stated that by the end of the month, the RS Elektroprivreda (EP) is supposed to define projects whose implementation should start by the end of 2006. He repeated that the energy sector in RS is not going to be privatised. Dodik announced that EP branch in Trebinje will be the headquarters of all [electric] energy companies in the RS. RS Government delegation also met with Mayors of East Herzegovina municipalities. Oslobodjenje pg 2 ‘Compromise of international and entity’s interests’, Dnevni list pg 5 ‘Assistance to East Herzegovina’ – RS Energy Minister Milan Jelic stated RS Government is not against privatisation of Elektroprivreda RS, but wants to find solution that would not damage RS, while it would be satisfactory form the international point of view.

CoM Chair Terzic: Instead of reducing business costs, authorities increase their benefits and taxes jeopardizing economy


Dnevni Avaz pg 2 ‘IMF’s warnings are entirely justified’ by T. Lazovic – In a statement to DA, BiH Council of Ministers Chair, Adnan Terzic, notes that the TS Government and certain cantonal authorities increase public expenditures without prior approval from the BiH Fiscal Council, thus he finds the warnings by the IMF entirely justified. Terzic says he is aware that high level of VAT collection is not a reason enough for planning to increase budget expenditure, and stresses the problems is that the RS Government exceeded its budget for 70 million KM while officials are increasing their benefits. He notes the economy and businesses were supposed to see a decrease of the taxes. Instead, concludes Terzic, “RS adopted the law increasing contributions, and FBiH considers law on income tax which is in wrong direction… This would only expand grey economy and tax evasion.”

RS Chief Auditor Ceko: institution to not exceed budgets that much anymore, but spending is irrational

Nezavisne novine pgs 12-13 ‘RS authorizes spend irrationally’, mentioned on cover, by Sandra Gojkovic – In two-page long interview to NN, the RS Chief Auditor, Bosko Ceko, explains that the Audit Officer published 64 audit reports on financial management of the budgetary beneficiaries. He notes that there were many improvements noted in comparison with previous years, but stresses financial discipline is still weak. He also elaborates that cases of exceeding budget are not less frequent, however the major issue is irrational spending [such as RS President’s cabinet spending large sums of money for RS Vice President accommodation which would be enough to build new facility for this purpose all together], poor performance of budget planning, too often reallocation and incompetent financial management. Asked to comment the Office is subject to pressure because of the reports it publishes, Ceko notes that while this is still occurring in comparison with the past, situation is now much better.