JP Elektroprivreda BiH leaflet


JP Elektroprivreda BiH

This leaflet lists the procedures for electricity connection of households. While the leaflet is written for returnees, most of the procedures apply to anybody else as well.

The leaflet assumes that there is a functioning electro-distribution network in your area. Reconstruction of networks does not fall within the scope of this leaflet.

The connection procedures depend on the work that the connection entails. If the preconditions have already been met, the procedures are simple and fast and the costs are low. However, if the distance between your house and the network exceeds 50 meters (and requires the placement of one or more pylons), the costs can be very high your and the procedures might take more time.

The map indicates the area covered by JP Elektroprivreda BiH (hereinafter the Elektroprivreda) and the procedures outlined below apply to that area only.