JP Elektrodistribucija HZHB leaflet


JP Elektrodistribucija HZ Herceg-Bosna

This leaflet lists the procedures for households’ electricity reconnections. While the leaflet is written for returnees, most of the procedures apply to anybody else as well.

The leaflet assumes that there is a functioning electricity network in your area. If that is not the case, your connection depends on the investment choices of the Elektrodistribucija Company that covers your area. This does not fall within the scope of this leaflet.

The connection procedures depend on the work that connection entails. If everything is in place, the procedures are simple and the costs are low. But if your meter or interior electro installation does not fulfil the safety requirements, or if there is no cabling between your house and the network, the costs can go up very significantly and the process could take much longer.

The exact procedures depend on the Elektrodistribucija Company that covers the area you live in. The map indicates which company covers the area you live in. This leaflet covers the procedures of JP Elektrodistribucija HZ Herceg-Bosna only (hereinafter the Elektrodistribucija).