Interim Arrangements for the Management of SRT, 13 February 1998

  1. The current SRT Board of Directors and General Manager will be dismissed.
  2. The National Assembly will adopt the Statute and Charter, which is attached to this document at Annex A, and appoint a new Board of Governors (B of G) in accordance with the Statute and Charter.
  3. Until an agreement is reached between the RS Government and the High Representative, a Technical Administrator appointed by the High Representative will supervise the restructuring process. He/she will become the International Community (IC) representative on the new B of G. He/she will supervise all activities of SRT in the absence of a local General Manager.
  4. The Technical Administrator on the B of G is to be delegated the right to supervise the truthfulness and impartiality of the editorial policy. He/she will have the right to start disciplinary procedures against SRT employees including the General Manager pending a decision of the B of G.
  5. SRT will remain answerable to the MSAG, MEC and when established, the IMSLC, for the maintenance of editorial standards. Furthermore, as with all broadcasters in both Entities, once established the IMSLC will grant all broadcast licenses to broadcasters until laws on telecommunication and broadcasting have been adopted by the BiH Parliamentary Assembly.
  6. The Charter included in the Statutes is published by SRT to all its employees as compulsory. The Technical Administrator has the right to suspend any SRT employee who is found liable of having infringed the Charter.
  7. The International Community is at any moment to have free access to all SRT installations. SRT is to provide the International Community with all information requested.
  8. The RS Government will make all possible effort to recover all missing transmitter parts and endeavor to return them fitted and functioning.
  9. Following agreement and to be decided by the High Representative in consultation with COMSFOR and the Government of the RS, routine maintenance of the transmitters by SRT technical staff is to take place in accordance with the procedures established by SFOR.
  10. The RS Government undertakes to sign an agreement with SFOR concerning transfer, control and security of the SRT towers within fourteen (14) days from the date of signature of this Interim Arrangement.

Banja Luka, 13 February 1998

Biljana Plavsic, President of Republika Srpska
Milorad Dodik, Premier Minister of Republika Srpska
Rajko Vasic, Minister of Information of Republika Srpska

Office of the High Representative