Information Sheet 4-New Deadline for Filing Claims is 4 April 1999

The High Representative has extended the deadline for filing claims to repossess socially-owned apartments under the Federation property laws by a further six months. People wishing to return to socially owned apartments in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina now have until 4 April 1999 to file their claims with the competent authorities in the municipality where their apartment is located.

  • If the pre-war occupants of apartments do not file their claims by 4 April 1999, their rights may be permanently cancelled.

  • The procedure for filing claims remains the same. Please see Information Sheet 2, or seek advice from a lawyer or a free legal advice centre.

The extension to the deadline was necessary because of a range of illegal practices in the implementation of the claims process, including charging of fees, requiring claimants to provide documents which they cannot obtain, refusing to accept claims from people without Federation identity cards, refusing to accept claims lodged by personal representatives or through the mail, and harassment and intimidation of claimants. The authorities may not prevent the filing of claims in these ways. The international community is working with the responsible authorities to address these problems.

This deadline applies only to socially owned apartments in the Federation. There is NO DEADLINE to claim private property.