13.09.2003 EU

European Union Ambassadors’ statement on ITA

The Ambassadors of the European Union in Bosnia and Herzegovina express their full support to the outcome of the Indirect Tax Policy Commission’s work and urge all political parties involved in the discussion in the Council of Ministers and subsequently in the Parliament to adopt the draft law on indirect taxation as soon as possible.

The draft law reflects the consensus reached in the Commission and is in line with European standards. Although it is a right of all political parties to amend the law through parliamentary procedures, each party must also bear in mind the potential consequences and the political responsibilities of reopening the discussion on issues already agreed upon by their authorized representatives in the Commission. 

At the outset of the final round of negotiations for the Feasibility Study, the process regarding the adoption of the law on indirect taxation will be considered as an important barometer of the willingness and determination of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s politicians to adopt and implement EU oriented-reforms.