“How much further?” – Documentary TV series

At the end of 2000, five years after the end of the war, the paradoxes and pain created by displacement were still all too evident in every aspect of life in BiH.

In order to raise awareness about this and give a voice to refugees and DPs, OHR/RRTF produced the documentary TV series “How much further?” The series consisted of 30 five-minute programmes filmed throughout BiH and, from the human-story angle, dealt with a variety of issues related to displacement and return: repossession of property, collective centres; evictions, reconstruction, exchange of property, “floating” and double-occupancy cases, sustainability of return etc. In 30 programmes, refugees, DPs and those who had returned tell their stories – stories that show the challenges awaiting politicians and the people of BiH if everyone is to be enabled to live a normal life in this country.

“How much further?” was aired as a series of 30 programmes each five minutes in length, on RT RS and RTV BiH every weekday for six weeks, commencing 27 January 2001. Later in the same year the TV series was aired on 20 regional and local TV stations in BiH, 25 TV stations in FRY and on Croatian Commercial Network (CCN).

“How much further?” – Press Advertisment

“How much further-Three Years On” – Documentary TV series

With the aim of wrapping up the OHR’s RRTF engagement and placing responsibility for leading the return process squarely on the shoulders of the BiH Authorities, and to raise awareness of problems DPs and returnees still face, at the end of 2003 OHR produced the TV series “How Much Further – Three Years On”, follow-up on 15 – out of 30 – stories filmed in December 2000. In the series we meet the same people and learn what has changed since the original series was filmed — Have they returned to their homes? Was any progress made? What decisions have they had to make? Have their lives improved and how much longer will the issue of displacement be an issue in BiH?

The TV series How Much Further – Three Years On was aired on May 2004.