Concept of the “Ovaj and Onaj in the fight against corruption” campaign

In the year 2000, the OHR commissioned through public tender a public information campaign which enabled a young Sarajevo based multimedia team Pro.ba to design and produce an animationbased public campaign whose aim was to raise awareness of corruption in BiH.

The campaign consisted of two phases. The first phase ran for five weeks starting on March 1 and consisted of five animated 5-minute episodes, five radio jingles and five posters (40,000 copies). The second phase consisted of an additional five animated episodes broadcast between September 7 and October 14, five radio jingles, one billboard poster (60 copies) and a comic book (40,000 copies) distributed to mainly school children in all parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The main characters of the campaign are Gor and his friends Ovaj and Onaj. In the first phase, Gor is shown in different public contexts as the victim of corruption represented by a giant pair of legs with Ovaj and Onaj as his sympathetic witnesses. In the second phase Gor, Ovaj and Onaj decide to fight corruption and form a detective agency. Over the course of the five episodes they discover a money laundering operation and bring the culprits to justice.

After the completion of this campaign, the OHR commissioned a nation-wide omnibus survey to evaluate the success of the campaign (executive summary and methodology attached) and found that it had indeed been widely appreciated by the Bosnian public.