Concept and contents

The second phase of the OHR media and public information campaign – launched on 1 April 2005 – is running in conjunction with the public information campaign prepared by EUPM. The aim of the campaign is to inform the public and police about the advantages of police restructuring.

Bosnia and Herzegovina currently has fifteen criminal law enforcement agencies. For a State the size of BiH this represents an unsustainable and illogical approach to crime fighting. A functional review of policing conducted by the European Commission in June 2004 found BiH’s police forces to be divided, over-staffed, and not able to operate across the IEBL. This was subsequently confirmed by the Police Restructuring Commission itself, which described the current policing system in BiH, as too complicated, too expensive, and not sufficiently effective in combating crime.

Police restructuring represents a means of overcoming systemic deficiencies in the organization of policing in BiH. It provides a means of achieving European best practice in an effective and efficient police service for BiH citizens. The EU has stated that police restructuring is a requirement for BiH to start negotiations on a Stabilization and Association Agreement.

The campaign reinforces messages that a single structure of policing will:

  • ensure the police are free of political interference
  • give policemen and policewomen a professional service, with access to modern equipment, proper career structures and better salaries, benefits and training
  • is a requirement for EU accession
  • is designed on the basis of technical, law enforcement criteria by BiH law enforcement experts and aimed at providing a more effective fight against crime

This public information campaign will run throughout in April, consisting of: TV clips, posters, press advertisements, radio jingles, and live call-in radio shows produced across BiH.