Concept and contents

On 28 January 2004 the High Representative enacted the new Statute that will reunify the city of Mostar and establish a single city administration, abolish parallelisms and prevent domination by one people. This Decision will ensure that all of the constituent peoples are adequately represented in the administration of Mostar. It will also create the administrative conditions for the efficient delivery of services to citizens, after years of fragmented and dysfunctional administration. 

OHR ran a public information campaign under the title, “Mostar – One City”, designed to communicate the key elements of the new Statute and explain how it will resolve chronic political disagreements and protect the interests of citizens. 

The campaign consisted of billboards, which appeared in two phases, in the Mostar area, a letter from the High Representative to the citizens of Mostar distributed via mail to 31,000 households, and a press advertisement published in the all the main newspapers that have a significant readership in Mostar, the day after the Decision was issued. Also as part of the “Mostar- One City” public information campaign the High Representative made a TV address to the citizens of Mostar and BiH. This was aired on FTV, RT RS, Oscar C and RTV Mostar on 28 January 2004. 

Under the High Representative’s Decision, the new Statute came into force on 15 March. On that date a “Mostar – One City” press advertisment, answering the question “What the Decision means for you as a citizen of Mostar”, was published.